Seems that many times I see Pouncey wanting to fight or get into an opposing players face after a play. I've seen this many times with Pouncey and wonder if anyone else has noticed this ?

I wonder if Hartwig was doing some exercise routines ounce he seen Pouncey leave the game ?

I thought considering the lineup change with the offensive line they, played pretty good.

I don't believe Ben has peaked yet or has come into his rythm yet for the season and that, is not actually a bad thing. I'm guessing the best is yet to come.

I thought Mendenhall gave all that he could last night.

Was McFadden always this bad ? He looks so out classed when he is on the field. Seems like he is always out of position, giving too much cushion and still a few steps behind. I guess if there is more than one average receiver on a team, there is not enough Ike to go around.

I thought the linebackers did really well.

Jeff Reed has lost it. Got lucky on the 53 yard field goal but the miss at 46 yards is vintage Jeff Reed. His limp leg kickoffs allowed the Bengals great field position.

When you have a team hanging their heads because your team is up by 20 points and then, the comeback................This all falls upon Tomlin and Lebeau.

The defense allowed the Bengals to march down the field via the yellow flags in addition to soft play and what have you.

Goodell still smells as bad as ever.