Key Match Ups: Patriots at Steelers

November 11th, 2010 6:53pm | The Show | Category: Steelers
Bleed Black and Gold

Another week, another big game. The Steelers face off against the Patriots in another night game. This is 3 weeks in a row that the Steelers have been in Prime Time. I cant wait for them to get back to 1 pm games. This game is a big test for the Steelers. It does not matter if the Patriots are having a down year or if they are playing like they are this season, beating them is always a battle.

Match Ups

Maurkice Pouncey vs. Vince Wilfork- Pouncey gets a monster in front of him this week. Vince Wilfork is number 3 at his position in my opinion behind Haloti Ngata and Casey Hampton. Wilfork is more of a Hampton type of player then Ngata. He is a space eater. He is one mean man also. Wilfork is an antagonizer, he will get under your skin and fight with you. Pouncey is no laid back guy though either. He has a nasty streak in him. He gets into it with someone each week. That fire is good to see. This could be a huge battle this weekend. It will determine how well the Steelers move the ball.

Matt Light vs. James Harrison- Light is not having his normal strong season. Harrison has been playing well and does not have any reason for not attacking Light this weekend. Light will have some help this week as well. Logan Mankins will have another week under his belt and could really contribute to letting Light do his business against Harrison instead of worrying about others around him. Putting a Pro Bowler back around you tends to do things like that.

Willie Gay vs. Wes Welker- Gay has another unfavorable match up this week. He struggled last week when facing T.O. in the slot. This week Gay matches up against one of the best slot guys in the league. He has the most receptions of anyone in the last 2 seasons and is a favorite target of Brady. Gay will be more effective with the fact that Welker does not stretch the field. Most of what Gay will see will be in front of him. He will just have to make the tackle.
James Farrior and Lawrence Timmons vs. Rookie Tight Ends of the Patriots-Tom Brady is falling in love with these young guys in the Red Zone. They have 5 touchdowns between the two. It will be up to Farrior and Timmons to keep these guys from scoring. Even if not matched up one on one, these two run more routes across the middle than anything. There are 2 routes that eat the Steelers up. They are the 10 yard out and the seam. These guys run the seam regularly. This is when the receiver goes over the linebacker and under the safety and we have real trouble with that route. These two need to keep that from happening this week.