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Thread: The New England Patriots roll into The ‘Burgh

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    Default The New England Patriots roll into The ‘Burgh

    The New England Patriots roll into The ‘Burgh to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers

    By Brian • on November 12, 2010

    Let’s hope they crawl out licking their wounds after a Steelers victory! The Baltimore Ravens did the Steelers a favor Thursday night by losing a wild one against the Atlanta Falcons 26-21. The Steelers take on the Pats Sunday night for a third straight prime time game, this one on NBC.

    The Steelers have lost 4 straight I believe to the Pats in Pittsburgh, their last win was in 2004 when they dealt the Pats a humiliating defeat to stop their then NFL record 20 game winning streak. The Pats returned the favor in the playoffs via home movies of our defense and blew us out on the way to winning their 3rd Super bowl in 4 seasons. In 2008 the Steelers went into Foxborough and spanked the pats badly. But that game was without Tom Brady. Pittsburgh is 2 and 6 against the Pats in their last 8 games.

    I do not believe that will happen this season. We will not blow out the Pats, and they will not be in our huddle this time either. We will give them ¾ of great football, and ¼ of heart attack defense. The Steelers are about as good as they have ever been, for most of the game, but as I stated before, Kurt Warner exposed our defense as being exploitable in certain situations. Those are almost always 4th quarter 2 minute drills, with sink and dunk passes to draw Troy away form the eventual throw down the middle for a score.

    NFL offensive coordinators have also done a good job of game planning for Troy Polamalu. While this is the utmost sign of respect, it does little good when the other 10 guys step up and take control of the game. Most of the time lately the offense against us is just going away from whatever side Troy is on, and getting what the defense gives us. This is one reason our defense is on the field for so long, it takes time for the genius of Dick LeBeau to adjust and stop these drives.

    One way to stop this is for Troy to play the Strong safety position in an honest position right between the hash marks and then make his move at the snap. Troy has such a nose for the ball and has probably the fastest closing speed of anyone in the game he can make up 15 yards and be in any position he wants in just s few seconds. Also with him playing honest defense he will find himself in a better position to intercept passes up the middle as he did in 2008.

    The Rest of the Defense will have to pick up the void left by Aaron Smith and possibly Brett Keisel if his hamstring injury keeps him out of the game Sunday night. James Harrison is close to his old self, making tackles with his usual herd hitting style. If he could only get some sacks, but its hard to get to the QB when someone has their arm around your neck.

    The offense has some new holes that need to be filled. HEEEEEATH Miller has not practiced in two days, but he will most likely play, check with your local paper to see if he practices Friday, if not he wont play. Max Starks is now on IR, so he is gone for the season, Chris Scott was activated from the PUP list, (physically unable to perform) so he is not up to speed yet, but he is needed to fill the gap left by Starks. Head coach Mike Tomlin states that they like the way Flozell
    Adams is playing on the right side so there is no plan to move him to left tackle in Starks place. Expect Jonathan Scott to start for Starksnekkid Sunday and for Ramon Foster to start next to him at guard over Doug Legurskey. Scott suffered a foot injury in preseason and has no practice time with the team, he was on the practice squad for the last 21 days, and was activated just in time to keep him from being cut altogether.

    Jeff Reed is about to be run out of town. Well maybe not, Bruce airheadedness is still around and he is as dumb as a box of rocks, so maybe Jeff is safe, but he will not be resigned next season. For him to miss so many field goals so far, 6- I believe, is inexcusable, and will not get him a black and gold jersey next season.

    Some more stats I found to end this post and ease everybody’s minds about how well we are or are not playing.

    A great stat I like is quality wins; I found this on ‘Behind the Steel curtain’ by Steelin

    Against teams with at least a .500 record, the Steelers are 4-2

    The Falcons were 2-2 but are now 3-2

    The Pats are 2-1

    The Ravens are 2-2, and were 2-1

    The Jets, and Giants are 2-2

    After we win Sunday we will be 5-2 and the Pats will also be 2-2

    This is a great stat to show how good a team is against good teams. Losing to bad teams like the pats did last week, and we did last season keep this stat from being meaningful to most people.

    Run Stuffing defense, the Steelers are second to the Jets in yards per rush average, but lead the league a telling stat, loss or no gain attempts on first down. The Steelers have had opponents rush 81 times on first down. Here is a breakdown of those attempts.

    Loss or no gain 24 attempts

    1-3 yards 37 attempts

    4-11 yards 20 attempts

    That’s with Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Michael Turner, Cedric Benson, Ronnie Brown, Rickey Williams, and Peyton Hillis, who hols the record for 1st down yardage with 14. and we now get to face this guy 2 times a season!

    The Pats run on first down over 50% of the time, so if we can stuff the run, Brady will be looking at a lot of 2nd and long attempts. And with the loss of Randy Moss he has no deep threat, not that moss ever did anything against us in the past, Ike Taylor does just fine against the great ones, it’s the weak ones he lets get the easy catch.

    Well there it is fans; lot’s to be confident about against our nemesis, the cheatriots.


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    Default Re: The New England Patriots roll into The ‘Burgh

    kurt warner exposed are D

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