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Thread: Steelers help fight crime

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    Default Steelers help fight crime

    Constables trick suspects by using borrowed Steelers van
    By Mark Hofmann
    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Two state constables from Connellsville bet on Steelers fervor to help them snag suspected criminals.

    Constables Hubie Coleman and Albert "Rocky" Younkin often hit a stumbling block when they set out to serve arrest warrants at suspects' homes: No one will answer the door.

    "One guy told us he wouldn't come outside because of our car," Coleman said of the constable car that resembles a police cruiser. "So Rocky and I were thinking to use a Steelers van."

    The constables borrowed a van -- bright yellow, "Steelers" emblazoned on the side -- that's for sale at Country Motors along Route 119. Owner Guy Rose allowed them to use the van Wednesday during monthly night court.

    This time, when the Steelers van pulled up, front doors popped open.

    "It's been working great," Coleman said. "We sit outside and lay on the horn, and they come out. They're interested and curious."

    For some, the fact that they were duped didn't dampen their team spirit.

    "One guy tried to buy the van off us," said Younkin, who named their tactic, "The Fayette County Constables Do the End Around" in reference to a trick football play.

    In keeping with the theme, Coleman and Younkin played music for the suspects on the drive to District Judge Ronald Haggerty Jr.'s office.

    It was the Pittsburgh Steelers fight song.
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    Default Re: Steelers help fight crime

    I thought that they had been keeping Ben out of the clubs was doing their part.

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