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Thread: Who's the best fit for the bright spotlight of being a Dallas Cowboys Coach?

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    Default Who's the best fit for the bright spotlight of being a Dallas Cowboys Coach?

    Who's the best fit for the bright spotlight and pressure-cooker of being a Dallas Cowboys head coach?

    By Jerry McDonald
    Posted: 11/13/2010 05:04:42 PM PST

    Wade Phillips is out, Jason Garrett is temporarily in, and suitors are silently jockeying for position to be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

    In terms of income, facilities and star power, it is the best job in the NFL, but it won't be the only one available.

    Other teams that could be in the market for a new coach include Cincinnati, Houston, Denver and San Francisco, and don't rule out Chicago and even San Diego, if the Chargers fail to make the playoffs.

    Go ahead and assume that Jerry Jones, accurately depicted in one Texas newspaper column as the league's best owner (he writes the biggest checks) and the worst general manager (he doesn't understand how to put a team together), has begun sizing up potential applicants.

    If not, we'll do it for him:

    Jon Gruden. Two years in the ESPN broadcast booth ought to be enough, and what the Cowboys need more than anything else is a shot of adrenaline. Gruden still is treated like a rock star by the public. He would be huge in Texas.

    One drawback: Bruce Allen isn't around to act as a buffer between Gruden and Jones the way he did between Gruden and Al Davis.

    Garrett. That's assuming he brings Dallas back to something approaching respectability before the end of the season. Garrett surely watched Thursday night's Baltimore-Atlanta game with interest. He turned down both jobs in 2008.

    Bill Cowher. If he stays out any longer, the former Pittsburgh Steelers coach won't be a hot candidate anymore. The Cowboys lack toughness and heart. Cowher could fix that.

    Leslie Frazier. The Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator will make the rounds again this offseason and will be someone's head coach.

    John Fox. He is in the last year of his contract in a bad situation with Carolina. If Jones wants another defensive mind who is OK with an owner in the spotlight, Fox would be like Wade Phillips in that regard but has taken a team to the Super Bowl.

    Jim Harbaugh. Different from your normal college coach in that he has played and coached in the NFL, and his Stanford offense is a balanced, pro-style attack rooted in a strong running game and is combined with a passing game that uses multiple formations and sets.

    A bonus: If the Cowboys continue to plummet, they could be in position to draft or trade up to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

    Rob Ryan. The Cleveland Browns have conquered the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots in consecutive games with an opportunistic, stifling defense, and coordinator Ryan has been getting the big push as a candidate from Cleveland coach Eric Mangini as well as his brother Rex.

    If Jones was jealous seeing how Rex Ryan put the New York Jets in the spotlight on HBO's "Hard Knocks," imagine a Jones-Rob Ryan combo.

    Mike Heimerdinger. The Titans offensive coordinator will get some looks this offseason if Tennessee has a big year, which would mean it survived Randy Moss. There's also the possibility Jeff Fisher could decide it's time for a change after 16 years.

    Jumping to more Week 10 conclusions:

    When the NFL is crowing about having a record 175 million television viewers through nine weeks on one hand and then saying there will be no labor talks until December on the other, it is meant to get the players nervous and ready to submit.

    Coaches like to tell you these players don't exist, but occasionally they do. Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy is one of those guys who doesn't wow you in practice but produces on the field during games.

    Team president Mike Holmgren took one look at McCoy during the offseason and said he would be on the bench for a year. Now McCoy has consecutive wins over New Orleans and New England.

    Wonder if Jeff Garcia is regretting pushing aside inquiries to be an NFL backup after Omaha Nighthawks coach Jeff Jagodzinski benched him in favor of De La Salle High product Matt Gutierrez last week in a UFL game.

    Sometimes you miss what's right in front of you. In last week's NFL column, I left out the Raiders' Richard Seymour in listing potential candidates for Defensive Player of the Year.

    Quotable: "I had to put that (pillow) in because truly he is looking bad. He's about 290 "... I've always been the big twin, now I'm just the smart, good-looking twin. He's now the big twin," Rex Ryan, dressing up as his brother, Rob Ryan, for the press this week with the Jets playing the Browns.

    By the numbers: 615 -- Receiving yards surrendered by Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, according to STATS LLC, the most in the NFL. Hall also leads the league in interceptions with six.

    Game of the week: New England at Pittsburgh. We will find out what the Patriots are made of the next four weeks as they visit the Steelers, host the Indianapolis Colts, play at Detroit on short rest on Thanksgiving and then host the Jets.

    Game of the weak: Detroit at Buffalo. Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Lions' Shaun Hill have good numbers but have combined for a 1-10 record.

    Contact Jerry McDonald at

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    Default Re: Who's the best fit for the bright spotlight of being a Dallas Cowboys Coach?

    Yeah, I heard this the other day.

    Cowher will always be on someone's HC short list. I don't think he's going to coach anymore, but I could be wrong.
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