The Beatles are now FINALLY on iTunes. Had to have been some royalties dispute because uit was just mind boggling that it would take the Beatles 7 years to get in with America's largest online music retailer - iTunes.

That said, I went and was checking them out and listening to the 30 second samples to hear the quality but I noticed something almost instantly... The Beatles are using their UK album titles. I looked at the album luist real quickly and thought it seemed thin and then realized that it's the UK albums not the US albums. There's no "Meet The Beatles", "Introducing the Beatles", "The Beatles 2nd", "VI" ... I didn't even see "Yesterday and Today" listed and 2 of my favorite Beatles tunes came from that album "Day tripper" and "we can work it out".

Just surprised they went with the UK discography in the US. I don't even remember how they distributed the US and UK discographies anymore. I know that my collection is organized by the U.S. discography and original artwork