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Thread: Buccos FIFTH in Amateur Spending!!

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    Default Buccos FIFTH in Amateur Spending!!

    Definitely a good start. So much for Nutting being cheap! He's just spending his money where it should be spent.

    I especially liked the comment from "19 Rocks".

    I hope what he opines comes true.

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    Default Re: Buccos FIFTH in Amateur Spending!!

    That list doesn't really mean anything. Using the top 5 bonuses isn't a good indicator of how much a team is actually spending, especially not on a consistent basis. Most of the teams at the top are up there based largely on one or two signings.

    The first place Rays and second place Diamondbacks are both influenced mainly by the Scott Boras disaster in the 1996 draft. Boras found a loophole in the draft and got 4 first rounders declared free agents. Being expansion teams looking for anyway to get talent the Rays and Diamondbacks gave out the two biggest amateur bonuses in history to sign Matt White (Rays) and Travis Lee (Diamondbacks). The Diamondbacks also signed John Patterson for $6 million. It's kind of funny that their biggest signings happened in 1996, but the teams didn't even play until 1998. Add in a recent first overall pick or two (Justin Upton or Tim Beckham/David Price) and they end up at the top of the list.

    The Reds end up third based almost solely on Aroldis Chapman. Otherwise they would be in the bottom 5. The Nationals total comes mostly from taking Harper and Strasburg back to back years, and the Pirates number is mostly from Alvarez and Taillon.

    The Braves actually end up in last place and they have consistently had a very strong farm system.
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