[HIGH-LIGHT]Wannstedt's take[/HIGH-LIGHT]

From Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt's weekly news conference

On Pitt junior cornerback Antwuan Reed overcoming four pass-interference penalties to make a late fourth-quarter interception:

"The thing I liked about Antwuan: that could have been, 'get in the car and just drive home back to Johnstown' -- the way that thing went. The thing that I give him credit for is it was such a high-intensity game, particularly at the end, for him to keep fighting through it ... and then he gets the interception at the end to end it."

On West Virginia, which leads the Big East and ranks fourth nationally in total defense (245.10 yards a game), rushing defense (88 yards a game) and scoring defense:

"You look at the statistics, and they're playing as good on defense as anyone in the nation. Not just in one category. You look at their scoring defense, and they're allowing just (12.9) points a game. That's impressive. When you look at their rushing defense, red-zone, third-down, they are playing very well as a unit, they're not giving up very many big plays and they've got some experience that have been in this system for a couple years, which I think helps them."

On what makes West Virginia's 3-5-3 stack defense so dangerous:

"They're sacking the passer. They've got the top guy (Keith Tandy) with interception numbers in our conference and (fourth) in the country. They're very disciplined, as reckless as they play. They've got good athletes and they know the system -- it's nothing new for it -- and they play within the system and they don't make many mistakes."

On the last three Backyard Brawls being games in which neither school scored 20 points, and the outcome was decided by four points or less:

"Whether it's a low-scoring game, I don't even go there because both offenses have enough explosive players that the minute you start thinking that or saying that, it goes the other way. It will just be a game where every play will count for four quarters."