No Justice For Ben Roethlisberger

The NFL is a joke. And I’m not laughing.
AUTHOR: chris
Nov 23rd 2010

Richard Seymour perpetrated one of the vilest acts of cowardice in league history on Sunday. His sucker punch of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was a criminal act which should have landed him behind bars courtesy of the Pittsburgh police department just like any other common thug. Menaces such as him should not only face huge fines and lengthy suspensions but permanent banishment from the game.

In short, a cheap-shot artist like Richard Seymour does not belong in the NFL.

The NFL’s response to his reprehensible actions? A $25,000 fine. That’s it. Meal money and a slap on the wrist. No suspension.

This is the most outrageous decision yet from the corrupt administration of Roger Goodell. Prior to this, I thought the Ginger Dictator was an arrogant but basically well-intentioned man. Now I see my mistake. He is at best an incompetent boob who hands out punishments based on whims and at worst has an obvious vendetta against certain teams and players.

After Sunday’s game, James Harrison made it clear he felt Seymour should be suspended. James points out, quite correctly, that if guys are going to be suspended for things which happen DURING PLAY, incidents which occur when players moving at incredible speeds are given a mere split-second to react, how could you NOT hold somebody accountable for purposely throwing a vicious right-cross after play is over? It’s hypocritical.

Seymour knew full well what he was doing. It was a punk move done by one of the biggest dicks in NFL history. I guess it’s only natural he plays on a team of punks coached by a moronic punk who beat up his wife when he wasn’t sucker punching assistant coaches.

But they have Roger Goodell in their hip pocket so they have that going for them. Earlier this season, Harrison was fined an outrageous $75,000 for a clean unpenalized hit on some clumsy receiver who ducked into his shoulder while he was attempting to make a form perfect tackle. The reason for the huge amount? Harrison “was a repeat offender.”

Okay, let’s look at what an upstanding citizen Seymour is. In 2006, he was fined for stepping on a Colts offensive lineman after a play. In 2009, he was fined for pulling Bronco Ryan Clady’s hair. Hair pulling? Seriously? Way to act like a nine-year-old girl, assclown. Wait, it gets better. In December 2009, Seymour was ejected and later fined $10,000 for hitting Browns running back Jerome Harrison after a play was over.

Is that not the very definition of “a repeat offender?” How many criminal acts does Seymour get to perform before he’s fined $75,000? Will pulling out a knife and shanking Big Ben in full view of 65,000 people be enough? Or is it just Steelers who are subject to the stiffest penalties allowed?

I don’t know why I get so worked up over this. I should have seen it coming. The NFL has no interest in player safety or enforcing their phony rules concerning helmet-to-helmet hits unless the play in question involves a Steeler. Austin Collie gets stretchered out after a spear by Eagle Kurt Coleman. No fine, no suspension. James Sanders cheap shots Hines Ward with clear and malicious intent. No fine, no suspension.

But LaMarr Woodley shoves Tommy Bieber with less force than I push my goddaughter on her swing and it’s a $12,500 fine.

The Raiders are a joke. The NFL is a joke. The NFL’s rules are a joke. And Roger Goodell is the biggest joke of all.

And I’m not laughing.