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Thread: Tomlin Makes Changes, Lets the Kids Play and it Pays Dividends

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    Default Tomlin Makes Changes, Lets the Kids Play and it Pays Dividends

    Tomlin Makes Changes, Lets the Kids Play and it Pays Dividends

    November 21st, 2010 6:56pm

    Mike Tomlin made a few changes this week and it made a big difference for his team. I give Tomlin a bunch of crap each week on how he keeps bad players in and it hurts his team. I do not know what clicked this week but it paid off. Thanks for using your noggin big guy.

    The young guys can’t make an impact unless you give them a chance to. Today they got more opportunities and they took advantage of them. Antonio Brown got to return punts today and made good yardage on a few of them. He even had a touchdown that was called back by a hold but when he gets the ball he makes “splash plays.”

    Sanders also made the most of his opportunity. He caught his second touchdown in 2 weeks. That and the addition of Ramon Foster to the offensive line was huge. There were only 2 sacks and both were coverage sacks. Ben was not under any real pressure all day. The improvement the line made was tremendous with Kemo back and Essex out. Anytime Essex does not play we play better.

    One more change is needed Coach. It is time to give Lewis a shot. McFadden is not bringing anything to this defense. When the Raiders did move the ball it was in his direction. He is still playing to far off the ball and giving up big plays.

    Thats enough about the youngins though. The Steelers faced off against a team that likes to run the ball and shut them down. If not for the penalties the Raiders do not move the ball ever. We had pressure on Campbell all night and never slowed down. We finished with 6 sacks, 2 picks and 3 forced fumbles. Another big day for the D.

    They came back big this week after last weeks debacle. The Raiders fed into the Steelers hands though. They ran long pass routes. They ran the ball right at us and never took advantage of the short game until late when Gradkowski came in. He moved the ball some but still couldn’t get the ball in the endzone getting picked off by Troy Polamalu.

    I can’t leave out the offense. We still started slow but it looked like we started to click today. When Sanders is in as the third receiver we make more plays. The speed and quickness of our young receivers can take advantage of other teams defenses.

    Ben looked much better today. He still was trying to get in rhythm early but picked it up later on. Mike Wallace’s speed always helps to when he catches a short pass and takes it to the house. When he is ready to run shorter routes and do things like that more often, which is coming, he will have 100% replaced Holmes.

    This was one of those wins the Steelers needed. They needed a blow out to get them back in gear. Now lets hope we can put another big one together versus Buffalo. That should give us some steam heading into the Ravens game. We still have things to improve on but today was better. Lets enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Tomlin Makes Changes, Lets the Kids Play and it Pays Dividends

    Yeah, still sucks that he is sooooooo incompetent?
    Hidden Content Chuck Norris wears Steelers Pajamas!!!

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    Default Re: Tomlin Makes Changes, Lets the Kids Play and it Pays Dividends

    It may be all the booze causing short term memory loss, but I didn´t think BMac played a bad game at all. Am I wrong? COuld someone give me a memory jolt as to what he did wrong?
    I thought he broke up a few big passes and wasn´t called for a single penalty?

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    Default Re: Tomlin Makes Changes, Lets the Kids Play and it Pays Dividends

    I liked the fact that Kemo b!tch-slapped Seymour and that Colon ran onto the field in Ben's defense.

    I also liked the way Ramon Foster and Flozell played together on the right side and I **** well like Sanders better as our #3 WR instead of ARE...

    On the Steelers: Tomlin thrilled by team's response

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010
    By Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Peter Diana/Post-Gazette
    Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on his team: "They're going to protect one another when someone's been wronged. That's just human nature."

    The new get-tough NFL now has established the price of sucker-punching a starting quarterback long after a play ends. If you are willing to pay $25,000, step right up and take your shot.

    That was, in effect, what league officials decided when they fined Oakland defensive tackle Richard Seymour that amount for punching quarterback Ben Roethlisberger long after rookie Emmanuel Sanders caught his 22-yard touchdown pass Sunday.

    There was no suspension and only an itty-bitty fine for a player who will make $12.4 million this year and one who has a history of such behavior. The NFL fined him $10,000 for a hit on Cleveland's Jerome Harrison after a play ended last December.

    The latest fine represents .002 of Seymour's salary this season, akin to a guy who makes $124,000 getting a speeding ticket of $250. The sting of it may fade quickly.

    Mike Tomlin did not want to comment on Seymour's fine, but he did have something to say about how his players responded. They included an open-hand slap to Seymour's face by guard Chris Kemoeatu, who was penalized for it, and injured reserve member Willie Colon charged onto the field in street clothes.

    "That's what 'team' is about," Tomlin said. "Am I shocked that they responded the way they responded? No. Am I excited they responded the way they responded? I expect them to be good teammates. That's part of being good teammates. They're going to protect one another when someone's been wronged. That's just human nature. These guys work extremely hard together. They're close personally and professionally, so why should we be surprised by the type of response that occurred in the stadium on Sunday? It's very natural. I'm glad both teams were able to move on from it and continue to play the football game."

    Tomlin takes different route
    Unlike last season when Tomlin promised changes would be made before a game in Cleveland and then made none, the coach promised none last week and made several.

    Ramon Foster replaced Trai Essex as the starting right guard. Rookie Emmanuel Sanders moved up to No. 3 wide receiver over Antwaan Randle El. Rookie Antonio Brown returned punts. The changes included a full practice in pads last Wednesday for the first time since early in the season.

    Tomlin said Foster will remain the starter at right guard and praised Sanders for his play and his reaction to adversity.

    "We liked the intensity," Tomlin said of Foster. "We liked the physical presence that he provided. We liked the way that he and Flozell [Adams] worked together. We'll push forward."

    Sanders caught his second touchdown pass in two games.

    "He's made plays when given an opportunity," Tomlin said. "He continues to prove it's not too big for him. More than anything, as much as those things, when he makes a mistake he doesn't go in the tank and he usually rebounds from it relatively quickly.

    "He put a ball on the ground in Miami and rebounded from it relatively quickly. He dropped the first ball thrown to him on Sunday. He quickly rebounded. Not only is it not too big for him, he doesn't shadow box; he doesn't ride the emotional roller coaster. He tends to bounce back from failures pretty quickly. All of those things are kind of attractive to go along with the talent that we all see."

    Adams' approach a hit
    The Steelers signed Flozell Adams, 35, to a one-year contract after Colon's Achilles tendon tore in June. Adams not only started all 10 games at offensive right tackle, he has performed above the Steelers' expectations.

    "He's done maybe even better than we anticipated," Tomlin said of the Dallas Cowboys' longtime left tackle. "He's an old dog learning a new trick, if you will, playing on the right side. He's been very stable, been a stabilizing presence for us, has a nice demeanor that we like.

    "He plays. He's competitive. He's only concerned about winning. I like guys like that. This guy made a lot of money, has a lot of accolades, been on some high-profile teams. None of that seems to be overly important to him right now. He just wants to win and do whatever he can to help us do so."

    Medical report
    Brett Keisel and Will Allen should return to play Sunday in Buffalo, but rookie Antonio Brown is not likely to suit up.

    Tomlin issued mostly good news on his team's health. Keisel, who missed four of the past five games with a hamstring injury, is "going to be a full participant here in the early portion of the week and be available to play, so that's a good thing."

    Allen has been cleared after missing the past two games with concussions. No. 2 tight end Matt Spaeth, however, has a concussion and will undergo tests.

    Three linemen left the game Sunday at various times, but all are expected to play, including center Maurkice Pouncey, who has what Tomlin said is a bruised thigh.

    Brown has swelling on his knee and combined with the return of Allen likely will not suit up Sunday. Troy Polamalu's Achilles tendon, listed as strained last week, "is still the same." Polamalu played a full game, but Tomlin said he will not go through a full practice early this week.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: Tomlin Makes Changes, Lets the Kids Play and it Pays Dividends

    ARE should sit the bench in favor of the young guys. Allow the young guys their growing pains, I can deal with that. When I see after nine season ARE still dropping passes, allowing passes to go between his fingers, can't find the endzone, is less now as a punt retiurner than before, ARE is done in this town if I was coach.

    Oh yeah, despite the complaining I do about Tomlin sucking Arians off, he does try to make personale changes when needed.

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