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Thread: On Location: Thanksgiving With The Steelers

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    Default On Location: Thanksgiving With The Steelers

    On Location: Thanksgiving With The Steelers

    Written by Bo Marchionte Wednesday, 24 November 2010 09:35

    “Candied yams, turkey, stuffing, all those good desserts, it’s a fun time,” said seven-year veteran Max Starks on what he likes to eat on Thanksgiving Day. “There’s a reason we play offensive line,” joked Starks. “All of us are over 300 pounds.” After talking candied yams and turkey, the conversation turned to who can eat the most when it comes to the O-line of the Steelers. Starks evaluated the big-plate hitters from the Steelers, “Chris Kemoeatu has a nice appetite, so do Trai Essex and myself.”

    Nothing strange there; simple question with a simple response from Starks, although things took an entertaining turn when I asked his teammate Jonathan Scott, who was sitting right next to him still dripping with sweat after the 35-3 win over the Oakland Raiders, who could eat the most? “Oh my bad, my bad,” laughed Scott as he nudged his elbow into the side of Starks, signifying that Starks was in fact the biggest eater of the Pittsburgh Steelers. “We can all eat, but he sets the standard,” laughed Scott. It isn’t uncommon for these guys to throw a teammate’s name out there when they themselves are the culprit to begin with, so the down the O-line we went, searching for the answer: who was truly the biggest eater on the line?

    The big guys were a bit apprehensive about admitting it. “I’m not going to say myself,” said starting right guard Trai Essex, who then laughed and added, “Nobody would.” Essex said he would eat “three to three and a half servings” on Thanksgiving Day as he gave the run down of his favorites, “Fried turkey, a little cranberry sauce, macaroni and cheese.” Essex started to build the case against Starks, “It’s gotta be Max, by far. Willie (Colon) can get down a little bit but Max, he’s 6’8” so it takes a little longer for the food to travel,” joked Essex. “It’s got to be Max.”

    Starks was quickly gaining momentum as the big eater, but would it continue with the likes of Chris Kemoeatu pushing 345 pounds and Flozell Adams standing 6’7” and 340 pounds? Was it really Starks who was the champ?

    When Tony Hillis learned about Starks not putting himself first he said, “He never gives you the full scoop,” adding that “I have never seen one person eat like him. It’s amazing how much food he can take down in one sitting.” Hillis didn’t lie about his own appetite on Thanksgiving Day, “Oh man, what’s not my favorite thing to eat? That’s what you’ve got to go by. I’m a turkey guy…mashed potatoes and gravy guy. My girl makes amazing macaroni and cheese, basically all the carbs I can possibly take down in one sitting.” The truth was starting to emerge from Hillis, Essex and Scott: they all passionately (and humorously) believed that Starks was the man.

    Hillis said it best, “There’s not even an adjective that describes what he can do to food,” which brought some laughs. “It’s pretty amazing, actually.” The mystery was starting to unfold. Clearly Max Starks was the man who could do the most damage at meal time.

    Finally, the rookie from Florida, Maurkice Pouncey, was asked his thoughts. He was cautious about participating—always wise for a rookie—but when he learned that the others had offered up Starks as the biggest eater, he began laughing and said, “We could definitely say that’s a fact.”

    Joking and fun aside, it’s the times like these with the shoulder pads off and the x’s and o’s out of the game that we learn that these guys really do form friendships and care for one another. First-year Steelers right tackle Flozelle Adams, who spent 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys before joining the team this summer, said, “It’s definitely different from my normal schedule,” since the Cowboys had the obligation to play every year on Thanksgiving Day. “I’ll find somewhere to go,” added Adams, “most likely Trai’s (Essex) house.” The five-time Pro-Bowler said, “It’s not uncommon” to have players come over for Thanksgiving “We take care of each other there. That’s what we did in Dallas and somebody will take care of me here. You would have new guys come in with no place to go and you invite them over your house to have dinner with your family.” Rookie wide out Emmanuel Sanders said he was going to Charlie Batch’s home for Thanksgiving, so it extended beyond the offensive line as far as teammates getting together.

    Pouncey shared that he would be going to Jonathan Scott’s house, where Scott’s mom was preparing the meal. But Pouncey quickly added, “My family is coming in and probably going to hit everybody’s house to taste everybody’s cooking.”


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    Default Re: On Location: Thanksgiving With The Steelers

    Hmph. None of these ****ers invited me over...

    I'd've brought the Bloody Caesars, even.

    Free your *** and your mind will follow.
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    Default Re: On Location: Thanksgiving With The Steelers

    may you all overeat tomorrow!

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