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Thread: Another ridiculous Yahoo blog post.

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    Default Another ridiculous Yahoo blog post.

    This clown Chris Chase writes ridiculous garbage every day.
    Today he says some garbage about Harrison and then throws a little dig in at Ward.

    "5. There's no good way to go about this. Profiling is effective when done properly. Andre Johnson(notes) shouldn't be suspended for beating on Cortland Finnegan because of his past history; if that was Hines Ward(notes), I'd say ban him for a game."

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    Default Re: Another ridiculous Yahoo blog post.

    Yeah, that retard makes very little sense for what he stated. Absolutely zero logic behind it. He screams as some homer with a personal vendetta and bias against the Steelers
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    Default Re: Another ridiculous Yahoo blog post.

    The funny thing is Johnson is actually a repeat offender while it would be a first for Ward. Johnson and Finnegan obviously don't get along and it's not like it just goes one way. Johnson was fined last year for grabbing Finnegan by the facemask and slamming him to the ground after a play. They've had other incidents in the past as well.

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    Finnegan and Johnson each got fined 25K and NOT suspended. Not surprised at all. Basically, it's better in the GODell NFL to be a thug and rip a guys helmet off and throw punches after a play than it is to hit a guy hard between the whistles!

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    Default Re: Another ridiculous Yahoo blog post.

    Steelers haters are such goof balls! lol Hardly any of them have a legit argument as well. Its sad really, but i guess if i liked a ****ty team I'd have to hate too! lol

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