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Thread: Analyzing the O-Line: Kemo Sucked

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    Default Analyzing the O-Line: Kemo Sucked

    Analyzing the O-Line: Kemo Doesn’t Want to Play with Kyle

    Posted on December 2, 2010 by JJ

    Mike Tomlin has said many times that he’s not looking for style points. In the NFL, wins and losses matter, how you get there is much less important.

    If that’s the case, then Sunday’s win over the Bills has to count as a success. It was ugly at times — especially as yellow flags kept flying like confetti at a ticker-tape parade. But this was truly a case of taking good news with the bad.

    There was plenty of bad news – Chris Kemoeatu had one of the worst games a Steelers’ offensive linemen has had in quite a while. Maurkice Pouncey was better, but he struggled as well — he’s very good for a rookie, but if you listen to the TV announcers, you may believe he’s Pro Bowl caliber. He’s not yet that good.

    At the same time, there are several things to be excited about. The Steelers ran the ball extremely well including one stretch where they ran the ball on eight consecutive plays. If it hadn’t been for the penalties, this would have actually been a pretty good performance by the standard of expectations of the Steelers banged-up offensive line. The Steelers held the ball for a massive amount of time — they ran 90 offensive plays, which is 20-30 more than a normal game.

    Here’s a look at how the linemen looked, as graded by watching each player on each play. Each player is judged on whether they contributed to a play’s success or were a reason the play could fail.

    Player Good Plays Total Plays Pct. Pressures Sacks

    Miller Pass 4 5 80.0%
    Foster Pass 37 44 84.1% 2 1
    Pouncey Pass 37 44 84.1% 3 0.5
    Kemoeatu Pass 37 44 84.1% 3 0.5
    Flozell Pass 38 44 86.4% 2 1
    Scott Pass 38 44 86.4% 3
    Johnson Pass 2 2 100%
    Moore Pass 4 4 100%
    Mendenhall Pass 4 4 100%
    Kemoeatu Run 29 46 63.0%
    Johnson Run 24 34 70.6%
    Essex Run 7 9 77.8%
    Pouncey Run 37 46 80.4%
    Scott Run 39 48 81.3%
    Foster Run 38 46 82.6%
    Miller Run 37 43 86.1%
    Flozell Run 42 46 91.3%
    Redman Run 2 2 100%
    Moore Total 4 4 100%
    Mendenhall Total 4 4 100%
    Redman Total 2 2 100%
    Adams Total 80 90 88.9%
    Miller Total 41 48 85.4%
    Scott Total 77 92 83.7%
    Foster Total 75 90 83.3%
    Pouncey Total 74 90 82.2%
    Essex Total 7 9 77.8%
    Kemoeatu Total 66 90 73.3%
    Johnson Total 26 36 72.2%

    There’s little to say positive about Chris Kemoeatu’s day. Kyle Williams was simply better than him, and very quickly Kemoeatu learned that there wasn’t much he could do to stop Williams. There were the holding calls (4), multiple plays where Williams drove Kemoeatu into the backfield (7), struggles to get to the second level to block linebackers (3), missed blocks at the line (5), difficulties executing blocks when he was pulling (2) as well as confusion (1), difficulty sticking his block (1) and a failed cut block (1).

    When Trai Essex played this poorly, the Steelers benched him and replaced him with Ramon Foster. It seems highly unlikely that the same thing will happen with Kemoeatu. For one thing, the Steelers just don’t have many more options — if Kemoeatu wasn’t strong enough to handle Williams, Williams would have squashed Doug Legursky around like he was an annoying gnat. And for another, unlike Essex, Kemoeatu has a relatively lengthy history of adequate, if unspectacular play which works in his favor.

    As mentioned above, Pouncey was not a whole lot better. In Pouncey’s case, the big problem was that Williams was too strong for him. He proved very difficult to move, and there were several plays where Williams drove Pouncey back into Roethlisberger.

    When you compare Ramon Foster to his fellow interior lineman, he comes out looking OK, even though he was beaten for a sack. Foster wasn’t great, but he’s done enough in the past two weeks to expect to see him starting the rest of the year. It’s hard to say he’s any stronger than Essex, but he is more consistent than the man he replaced.

    On the outside, Jonathan Scott was adequate enough. Ben Roethlisberger will have to be ready to scramble at a moments notice as long as Scott is his left tackle, but performances like Sunday (three pressures) are good enough for a backup left tackle filling in.

    And at this point, Flozell Adams is a rock of stability. He was beaten for a sack and he still doesn’t exactly block to the whistle, but Adams’ strength lets him get away with a lot of things. If you want to see what I’m talking about when mentioning Adams’ amazing strength, check out what he did to a safety on this play — he’s the right tackle so you have to watch the backside of this run. But Adams looks like what a big kid picking on the shrimp at recess here — it’s bad if he’s in first grade, it’s great when he’s an NFL offensive lineman.

    per Steelers Lounge request, please click on link below to read the rest of the article: ... play-kyle/
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    Default Re: Analyzing the O-Line: Kemo Sucked

    If you watched the game you shouldn't need someone to tell you Kemo sucked.

    He's always been hit and miss. One bad play for every good.

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    Default Re: Analyzing the O-Line: Kemo Sucked

    Walter Football's 2011 NFL Mock Draft...they have us drafting Mike Pouncey in order to address our need at OG. Personally, I like that pick and wouldn't argue with drafting a CB in the 1st Round either.

    2011 NFL Mock Draft

    Last update: Thursday, Nov. 25, 2010.

    1) Carolina Panthers: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
    If the Panthers are drafting No. 1 overall, they will pick Andrew Luck. Luck is just way too good of a quarterback prospect to pass up.

    What about Jimmy Clausen? Well, it's actually simple. If Clausen plays well to close out the year, the Panthers will win a game or two, and won't have control of the No. 1 pick. If Clausen struggles and Carolina keeps on losing, this selection will be a no-brainer.

    It's worth noting that three of the four teams Clausen has played thus far have top 10-ranked pass defenses in terms of YPA. But with teams that have worse secondaries like the Browns, Seahawks and Cardinals on the horizon, there won't be any excuses for Clausen if he finishes poorly.

    By the way, I'll have an update to my 2012 NFL Mock Draft in the next couple of weeks. Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for updates.

    Other 2011 NFL Draft Possibilities:

    1. A.J. Green, WR - If the Panthers aren't drafting No. 1, the top player on their board could be A.J. Green, the second-best receiver prospect since Randy Moss (Calvin Johnson).

    2. Da'Quan Bowers, DE - If the Panthers aren't in love with Green, they may take Da'Quan Bowers, who would help improve an anemic pass rush that has 12 sacks on the year.

    Pick change; previously A.J. Green, WR

    2) Cincinnati Bengals: Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson
    The Bengals can't get any pressure on the quarterback with their front four. They have just 10 sacks on the year - four of which have come from the back seven.

    After underachieving for a couple of seasons at Clemson, Da'Quan Bowers has been unblockable. The 6-4, 275-pound athletic end has 23.5 TFL and 15 sacks this year.

    Other 2011 NFL Draft Possibilities:

    1. Ryan Mallett, QB - Carson Palmer is owed a ton of money next season. The thrifty Mike Brown could cut ties with Palmer if there's a rookie pay scale and opt for Ryan Mallett.

    3) Detroit Lions: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU
    The Lions always take the best player on their board. Luckily, that coincides with one of their greatest needs this year.

    Detroit has needed a No. 1 cornerback for a very long time. Chris Houston has been OK this year, but is not a top-flight corner. Alphonso Smith, a Denver Broncos reject, has been inconsistent across from Houston.

    Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that the Lions suffered so many key injuries this year; otherwise, they wouldn't have had a shot at Patrick Peterson, one of the top cornerback prospects in recent memory.

    Cornerbacks are seldom taken in the top four, but then again, we said the same thing about defensive tackles prior to the 2010 NFL Draft. Like Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, Peterson is a special sort of talent that doesn't come around very often.

    Other 2011 NFL Draft Possibilities:

    1. Robert Quinn, DE - If both cornerbacks are off the board, the next-best player who makes any sort of sense is Robert Quinn. Kyle Vanden Bosch won't be around forever.

    Pick change; previously Prince Amukamara, CB

    4) Buffalo Bills: Marcell Dareus, DE/DT, Alabama
    Poor Bills. They've won one too many games, and are now out of position to draft Andrew Luck. Meanwhile, Chan Gailey is convinced that Ryan Fitzpatrick is good enough to start at quarterback in 2011. It seems like it'll be another playoff-less decade for Buffalo.

    With Luck off the board and Ryan Mallett a poor fit for Gailey's offense, the Bills could opt to address the huge void on their defensive line. Marcell Dareus, who can play in both the 4-3 and 3-4, which will intrigue the Bills, who can't seem to decide on a defensive scheme.

    Other 2011 NFL Draft Possibilities:

    1. Jake Locker, QB - Jake Locker is having a miserable season, but the Bills could still take him at No. 4 if they like him enough.

    Pick change; previously Andrew Luck, QB

    5) Arizona Cardinals: Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas
    As much as I love the Adventures of Derek Anderson's Magic Flask, the Cardinals need to find a franchise quarterback. Anderson, sober or not, is certainly not the answer. Max Hall didn't look very promising in his limited action. John Skelton, meanwhile, is a nice project, but isn't ready to play.

    Ken Whisenhunt can't afford to waste away another year hoping that either Hall or Skelton pans out. He'll have to take Ryan Mallett or Jake Locker this April.

    I like Mallett as a nice fit in Arizona. He has the arm to get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald downfield, and he's also maintained great accuracy (67.2%) this season - which is **** impressive considering his 9.6 YPA in an SEC schedule.

    There are some character/intelligence concerns with Mallett, but the Cardinals have shown that they don't put much stock into that.

    Other 2011 NFL Draft Possibilities:

    1. Prince Amukamara, CB - If the Cardinals don't like Ryan Mallett, they could look into improving their miserable secondary.

    Pick change; previously Robert Quinn, DE/OLB

    6) San Francisco 49ers: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska
    Both Nate Clements and Shawntae Spencer have shown a deal of inconsistency over the past year and a half, with Clements struggling in 2009 and Spencer doing this same at the beginning of the season.

    The best player available who makes sense for the 49ers, Prince Amukamara would fill a huge void in San Francisco's secondary.

    While Patrick Peterson is the best cornerback prospect to come along in a very long time, Amukamara isn't too far behind him.

    Pick change; previously Marcell Dareus, DE/DT

    7) Cleveland Browns: A.J. Green, WR, Georgia
    Colt McCoy is the real deal. He's also a perfect as example of why the NFL Draft is the ultimate crapshoot. No one liked McCoy - not Kiper, not McShay, not Mayock, not any draftnik surfing the Web. Not even Mike Holmgren was too high on him; he passed on him twice in Rounds 2-3, and finally picked him when he realized that Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace were his only quarterbacks.

    But with McCoy entrenched as the franchise quarterback, the Browns need to provide him with a blue-chip weapon. A.J. Green, who could easily be picked in the top three depending on which teams are drafting up there, is the second-best receiver prospect since Randy Moss (Calvin Johnson).

    Pick change; previously Marcell Dareus, DE/DT

    Dallas Cowboys: Nick Fairley, DE/DT, Auburn
    Jay Ratliff and Stephen Bowen figure to start on Dallas' defensive line for a long time. There is a void at the right end position, however, currently occupied by an ineffective Igor Olshansky. The Cowboys could use an upgrade there, and Nick Fairley happens to be the best player available.

    Fairley has really soared up this 2011 NFL Mock Draft. A 6-5, 300-pound monstrosity, Fairley has 18 TFL and 7.5 sacks this year. He lived in LSU's backfield a few weekends ago, as the Tigers looked completely helpless trying to block him.

    Pick change; previously Patrick Peterson, CB

    9) Denver Broncos: Allen Bailey, DE/DT, Miami
    If the 2011 NFL Draft falls like this, the Broncos will need to trade down because the best players available don't fit their needs. I guess that won't bother Josh McDaniels much considering that he loves moving around in the draft.

    Mike Tolbert completely embarrassed the Broncos, as they looked helpless trying to tackle him on Monday night. McDaniels will really need to address the defensive line after this year - and not by giving $20 million to terrible players like Jarvis Green.

    Allen Bailey has always maintained incredible athleticism, but is finally putting it together this season.

    10) Minnesota Vikings: Jake Locker, QB, Washington
    Brad Childress has been fired, which means that Tarvaris Jackson's only supporter is now looking for work. Minnesota's new coach - whether that's Leslie Frazier or someone else - will be targeting a quarterback early in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    As mentioned earlier, Jake Locker has really struggled this year, and has not looked like an NFL quarterback in way too many games. He doesn't seem ready to start in the NFL, but there's no denying his potential.

    11) St. Louis Rams: Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina
    The Rams are tied for fifth in sacks with 28, so why draft a defensive end? First of all, Robert Quinn is the best player available and an absolute steal at No. 11. He'd be a top-five lock if he hadn't gotten suspended for something ridiculous.

    Second, while James Hall is playing well this year, he turns 34 in February. The Rams will need someone across from Chris Long, who has been lights out this season.

    12) Houston Texans: Janoris Jenkins, CB, Florida
    The Texans have one of the worst defenses we've seen in a long time. So, how do you fix it?

    First of all, Zach Diles needs to go. He's a horrific weakside linebacker who's a major liability in coverage. An upgrade at nose tackle is desperately needed. Two new safeties (particularly a free safety) have to be found. Another pass-rusher wouldn't hurt.

    And then there's the cornerback position. Glover Quin cannot be allowed to start anymore. I don't even have any beef with his awful attempt to bat down David Garrard's Hail Mary; he can't tackle whatsoever, as evidenced by Zach Miller's 51-yard touchdown in the Jacksonville game.

    Janoris Jenkins, the best player available who fills a need, would give Houston another top-flight corner across from Kareem Jackson. Hopefully Jackson isn't inept next year...

    13) San Diego Chargers: Adrian Clayborn, DE/DT, Iowa
    Defensive end Jacques Cesaire will be a free agent next spring, which is a relief for Charger fans because he's not very good. An upgrade at the position is desperately needed.

    Adrian Clayborn was considered a top-10 talent before the season, but two things have happened. First, he's struggled to get to the quarterback this year. And second, he punched a cab driver, which obviously raises character concerns.

    The Chargers, however, have taken risks on questionable character guys before, so I think they'll have Clayborn pretty high on their draft board.

    14) New England Patriots: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis has looked half-decent recently, but neither he nor Danny Woodhead is the answer at running back.

    If Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Deion Branch are healthy, and Rob Gronkowski or Aaron Hernandez continue to play well, imagine how explosive New England's offense would be with Mark Ingram as a threat coming out of the backfield.

    Ingram is just too good to pass up here, though knowing Bill Belichick, he'll probably trade down.

    Pick change; previously Cameron Jordan, DE/DT

    15) Tennessee Titans: Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State
    The Titans could look at Cam Newton with this pick, but they're ready to win now. If Jeff Fisher and Vince Young can't learn to co-exist, I could see Tennessee signing or trading for a veteran quarterback this offseason.

    If the Titans don't trade for Albert Haynesworth, they'll look for an every-down defensive tackle, as Sen'Derrick Marks just hasn't panned out. Stephen Paea is a 310-pound tackle who has nine TFL and six sacks on the year.

    Pick change; previously Travis Lewis, OLB

    16) Washington Redskins: Julio Jones, WR, Alabama
    Jay Cutler for Donovan McNabb. Mike Shanahan gets his former quarterback, and McNabb goes back to his hometown. Which team wouldn't do that trade? It almost makes too much sense.

    At any rate, Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen will need to find a weapon for their quarterback, whomever that may be. Relying on Joey Galloway is in unacceptable.

    Julio Jones' downfall is the inconsistency with his hands, but he's an elite talent otherwise. Brandon Marshall also has trouble catching the ball at times, and teams would gladly draft someone of that caliber at No. 16 overall. Besides, Jones has been better of late, even showing off his toughness by playing hurt. And despite the injury, Jones caught six balls against Patrick Peterson.

    17) Miami Dolphins: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami
    Jason Allen played well at the beginning of the season, but was waived after struggling for a few games. Sean Smith has retaken the starting job across from Vontae Davis, but is pretty inconsistent. The Dolphins could opt for a corner like Brandon Harris in the middle of the first round.

    Harris has really emerged as a possible top-15 prospect with his great play thus far this year.

    Pick change; previously Mark Ingram, RB

    18) Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue
    Tough luck for Aaron Kampman. One year after tearing his ACL, Kampman tore his other ACL. His career at this point is in serious doubt.

    The Jaguars, as you may expect, have no pass rush. They have 20 sacks on the year, but only 14 if you exclude their previous game against the Browns. Let's see if Jeremy Mincey's performance was a fluke or not.

    Ryan Kerrigan is having an amazing senior campaign. In 11 games this season, he already has 25 TFL and 12.5 sacks. It looks like he's this year's version of Brandon Graham.

    19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College
    The Buccaneers would love to land a defensive end (Adrian Clayborn?) but there is no one at the position worth taking here.

    Instead, Tampa Bay can draft someone like Anthony Castonzo to improve its pedestrian offensive line.

    Pick change; previously Brandon Harris, CB

    20) Chicago Bears: Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State
    The Bears desperately need to upgrade their offensive line; the Bears have surrendered the most sacks in the NFL this year (36).

    Fortunately, Derek Sherrod is the top player available who makes sense for them.

    21) Seattle Seahawks: Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M
    The Seahawks, who have just four sacks in the past five weeks if you exclude their game against the Cardinals, won't be very competitive outside of the NFC West with Chris Clemons as their best (and only) pass-rusher.

    Finally healthy, Von Miller is now looking like the guy who dominated the Big 12 (including Russell Okung) last year.

    22) Kansas City Chiefs: Akeem Ayers, DE/OLB, UCLA
    Kansas City's defense has played well at times this year, but the team still lacks a potent pass-rushing threat across from Tamba Hali.

    Akeem Ayers still needs to work on his ability to get to the quarterback, but Romeo Crennel would love to have his versatility. Plus, Ayers is a team captain, which is something Scott Pioli looks for.

    23) New York Giants: Travis Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma
    Keith Bulluck won't be around forever, Clint Sintim hasn't panned out, and who knows how long Michael Boley can stay healthy?

    Travis Lewis is the best player on the board who makes sense for the Giants.

    Pick change; previously Aaron Williams, CB

    24) Baltimore Ravens: Aaron Williams, CB, Texas
    In March, Lardarius Webb and Domonique Foxworth will be the only Baltimore corners under contract, as Fabian Washington, Josh Wilson and Chris Carr will all be free agents. And considering that Foxworth will be coming off a torn ACL, the cornerback position will be a dire area of need for the Ravens.

    Pick change; previously Brandon Burton, CB

    25) Indianapolis Colts: Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh
    Even though the defensive side of the ball has been the weaker half of Indianapolis' roster, general manager Bill Polian has spent seven of his 11 first-round picks on offensive players.

    This may seem like an odd pick, but it makes a lot of sense. Not only is Jonathan Baldwin one of the top players available; he fills a big need at receiver. Reggie Wayne just turned 32, and won't be around forever. Pierre Garcon drops way too many passes to be relied upon. Anthony Gonzalez can't stay healthy.

    Peyton Manning needs a No. 2 receiver for 2011 and an eventual new No. 1 once Wayne declines.

    Pick change; previously Anthony Castonzo, OT

    26) New Orleans Saints: Justin Houston, DE/OLB, Georgia
    The Saints apparently had their sights on Jerry Hughes in the 2010 NFL Draft before the Colts snatched him off the board one pick beforehand. New Orleans had only 12 sacks in the first seven games of the season (seven more since), so they may target a pass-rusher at the bottom of the first round.

    Justin Houston has really opened up some eyes with 18.5 TFL and 11 sacks as a junior this season. He has soared into late first-round consideration.

    27)Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Pouncey, G, Florida
    Assuming that Willie Colon can come back fine next year, the Steelers will need just one more upgrade up front. Mike Pouncey would satisfy that at guard - right next to his brother, Maurkice.

    28) Atlanta Falcons: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame
    The Falcons need an upgrade across from Roddy White to take their offense to the next level. Michael Floyd just happens to be the best player available.

    Floyd is much more physically talented than this No. 28 slot indicates, but he has never been able to stay healthy for an entire season at Notre Dame. This will be a concern for many general managers.

    Pick change; previously Jonathan Baldwin, WR

    29) Green Bay Packers: Brandon Burton, CB, Utah
    Charles Woodson just won Defensive Player of the Year, but he'll be 35 a month into the 2011 season. He's already seen some decline in his production, so it's time for the Packers to find a long-term replacement across from Tramon Williams.

    Brandon Burton has the size (6-1) that Ted Thompson likes out of his corners.

    Pick change; previously Ras-I Dowling, CB

    30) New York Jets: Cameron Jordan, DE/DT, California
    The Jets will likely have to defeat the Colts to advance to the Super Bowl in the next couple of years. To do so, they'll need to put as much pressure on Peyton Manning as possible without sending multiple blitzers and in turn exposing their secondary. Upgrades are needed at 3-4 end and rush linebacker.

    Cameron Jordan is poised to fly up draft boards with his incredible play of late. He has entered late first-round consideration.

    Pick change; previously Michael Floyd, WR

    31) New England Patriots: Stefen Wisniewski, C/G, Penn State
    It doesn't seem like Logan Mankins will be back with the team next year. Meanwhile, the oft-injured Stephen Neal just turned 34. He already announced that the 2011 season will be his last as a pro.

    The Patriots will really need help at guard this upcoming offseason.

    32) Philadelphia Eagles: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin
    I currently have the Eagles as the top team in my NFL Power Rankings, but one area of weakness on their roster is the offensive line.

    Gabe Carimi, who has played better recently after a slow start, fits well into Andy Reid's blocking scheme.

    Pick change; previously Bruce Carter, OLB


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    Default Re: Analyzing the O-Line: Kemo Sucked

    I only seen him have one game that I thought he did very well in and that was last season. Wasn't like it was a great game it was as described, one good play vs. one bad play. Our guards are terrible and I find it hard to believe we can't find better guards via free agency.

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