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Thread: Jameel McClain plans to appeal $40,000 fine

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    Default Jameel McClain plans to appeal $40,000 fine

    Jameel McClain plans to appeal $40,000 fine
    The National Football Post

    OWINGS MILLS, Md.—Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker Jameel McClain plans to file an appeal of his $40,000 fine from the NFL for his concussion-causing hit on Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller.

    The letter that McClain received from the league office said he was fined for unnecessary roughness for hitting a defenseless receiver

    "Rules are rules," McClain said today at the Ravens' training complex. "We will appeal it. Nobody's out there trying to hurt anyone."

    Added nose guard Kelly Gregg: "He's working for free for a couple of weeks. I saw him last night at Food Lion. I thought he was shopping, but he was working trying to pay that fine.'

    McClain said he wasn't trying to hurt anyone.

    "He still had a way to get to the ball," McClain said. "I was trying to get between him and the ball. It's a man trying to make a play. I was in the strike zone. I was playing the way I was taught to play.'

    The hefty fine represents 11.75 percent of McClain's $470,000 salary and is more than his $26,647 weekly game check.

    “I was shocked," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Tuesday night during his weekly radio program. "He’s a first-time offender. Jameel,there was nothing he can do. I think the league understands that. I can’t imagine why they fined him so much.

    "Jameel tried to go low. He did everything humanly possible to hit the tight end low. You fine a guy $40,000 for trying to apply the rule. He tried to do something that’s against the rule of physics. I say you're taking someone's money unfairly."

    Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata declined an interview request about his $15,000 fine for breaking Ben Roethlisberger's nose.

    [HIGH-LIGHT]"Ben needs to wear a lineman facemask and then he won't get hit in the nose like that," Gregg said. "There was no ill will on both those plays. Maybe Ben's a little better looking now with his nose."[/HIGH-LIGHT]

    I feel for the guy, doesn't make that much compared to others, but finally let some other teams feel the pain. I still wish there was a flag on the play. ****in Harbaugh kills me....his players have paying fines...
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    Default Re: Jameel McClain plans to appeal $40,000 fine

    There's been some weird stuff going on around the league with a bunch of fines being reduced the last few days, including this one. McClain's fine was cut in half, down to $20,000. I thought that looked like the most blatant illegal hit of the entire season, so I'm not sure why they'd reduce it. They never really explain the rationale.

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    Default Re: Jameel McClain plans to appeal $40,000 fine

    I'm sick of hearing about "intent." Intent is not the issue. We have rules to protect players from serious injury, and if you break them, you pay the fines. I'm certain Ngata didn't intend to break Ben's nose, but he needs to keep his elbow out of Ben's face. He knew that before the game. I'm sure James Harrison doesn't intend to hurt anyone, but he leads with his head. You can't do that. (Probably won't win a lot of faver with that last sentence, but it's a simple fact....Harrison's hits were just sucked that he was targeted more than other players.)

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