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Thread: 2012 Top Draft Prospect

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    Default 2012 Top Draft Prospect

    Anyone have any idea LOL? Will Rendon be first overall in June 2011?

    A.J. Kennedy, C, Savanna HS, Anaheim
    Aaron Jones, C, Oregon
    Addison Russell, SS, Pace (Fla.) HS
    Adrian Martin, INF/OF, Gulliver Prep, Miami
    Albert Almora, OF, Mater Academy, Hiahleah Gardens, Fla.
    Alex Blackford, RHP, Arizona State
    Alex Bregman, INF, Albuquerque Academy
    Alexis Rivera, OF, Osceola HS, Kissimmee, Fla.
    Andrew Del Colle, RHP, Boston College
    Andrew Heaney, lhp, Oklahoma State
    Arthur Owens, OF, Georgia Southern
    Austin Maddox, c, Florida
    Beau Amaral, SS, UCLA
    Blake Hauser, RHP, Va. Commonwealth
    Blaze Tart, RHP, UNC - Wilmington
    Bo Rein, RHP, North Carolina A & T
    Bobby Geren, 3B,
    Branden Kline, RHP, Virginia
    Brando Tessar, P,
    Brandon Brennan, P,
    Brett Lilek , P/OF , Marian Catholic (Chicago Heights, Ill.)
    Brian Blough, RHP, Kennesaw State
    Brian Goodwin, OF, North Carolina
    Brian Johnson, lhp, Florida
    Broughan Jantz, CF,
    C.J. Hinojosa, INF, Klein Collins (Spring, Texas)
    Cameron Giannini, RHP, Liberty
    Carlos Lopez, 1B, Cal St Fullerton
    Carson Kelly, 3B, Westview HS, Portland, OR
    Casey Fithian, C , Eastlake, Sammamish, WA
    Chad Green, P,
    Chad Kettler, SS, Oklahoma
    Chad Taylor, SS, South Florida
    Chance Fariss, C, Norman Oklahoma
    Chase Bebout, RHP, Duke
    Chris Beck, RHP, Georgia Southern
    Chris Munnelly, RHP, North Carolina
    Christian Jones, lhp, Oregon
    Christian Powell, RHP,
    Christopher Bradford, P,
    Clint Coultier, C, Union (Camas, Wash.)
    Cody Keefer, of, UCLA
    Cody Poteet, RHP, San Diego Christian HS, Bonita, CA
    Cody Stubbs, 1b, Tennessee
    Cohl Walla, of, Texas
    Colton Freeman, OF/LHP, Spain Park HS, Hoover, AL
    Dane Williams, RHP, North Carolina State
    Daniel Robertson, INF, Upland (Calif.) HS
    Daryl Norris, P, Mississippi State
    David Dahl, OF, Oak Mountain HS, Pelham, Ala.
    Derek Dennis, SS, Michigan
    Deven Marrero, SS, Arizona State
    Dillon Moyer, SS,
    Dillon Newman, P,
    Dominick Francia, CF,
    Drew Steckenrider, OF, University of Tennesee
    Dylan Floro, RHP, Cal State Fullerton
    Dylan Lavelle, 3B, Lake Stevens (Lake Stevens, Wash.)
    Eddie Butler, RHP, Radford
    Eric Jaffe, P, California
    Eric Neitzel, INF, Gulliver Prep, Miami
    Felipe Perez, RHP, Fairmont Prep Academy, Anaheim
    Fernelys Sanchez, OF, George Washington HS, NY
    Franelis Sanchez, OF, Washington (Bronx, N.Y.)
    Garrett Bush, RHP, Auburn
    Gary Smith, RHP, Kennesaw State
    Gavin Cecchini, SS, Barbe HS, Lake Charles, La.
    Geno Escalante, c, Cal State Fullerton
    Geoff Thomas, RHP, Southern Mississippi
    Hayden Hurst, LHP, The Bolles School, Jacksonville, Fla.
    Hoby Milner, lhp, Texas
    Hudson Randall, rhp, Florida
    Hunter Kopycinski, C, St. Thomas (Houston, Texas)
    Hunter Virant, LHP/INF, Camariollo (Calif.) HS
    Ivan Pelaez, LHP, Gulliver Prep, Miami
    Jacob Hannemann, CF,
    Jake Barrett, RHP, Arizona State
    Jake Elander, C, Texas Christian
    Jake Stewart, OF, Stanford
    Jason Carmichael, RHP, Mariner HS, Cape Coral, Fla.
    Jason Goldstein, C, Highland Park HS, Highland Park, IL
    Jay Gonzalez, CF,
    Jayce Boyd, 3B/OF, Florida State
    Jayson Balades, LHP, Oxnard (Calif.) HS
    Jeffrey Harvill, P,
    Jerad Grundy, LHP, Miami
    Jeremy Baltz, OF, St. John
    Jeremy Martinez, C,
    Jesse Winker, OF/LHP, Olympia, FL
    Jesse Winker, OF/P, Olympia HS, Windemere, Fla.
    Jim Stokes, P, Elon
    Joey Gallo, 3B, Bishop Gorman, NV
    Joey Gallo, 3B/RHP, Bishop Gorman HS, Henderson, Nev.
    John Wooten, 3B, East Carolina
    Johnny Bladel, OF, James Madison
    Jonathan Walsh, C, Texas
    Jonny Locher, OF/LHP, Highline HS, Burien, Wash.
    Josef Terry, 2B, Cal State Fullerton
    Josh Conway, OF, Coastal Carolina
    Juan Perez, RHP/2B, Bethune-Cookman
    Justin Gonzalez, SS, Florida State
    Justin Jones, LHP, California
    Justin Rose, 2B, Riverview HS, Riverview, FL
    Kaleb Barlow, 3B,
    Kaleb Clark, P,
    Karl Keglovitz, P, Nazareth Area (Nazareth, Pa.)
    Kayden Porter, RHP, Spanish Fork, UT
    Keenyn Walker, OF, Central Arizona CC
    Kenny Diekroeger, SS, Stanford
    Kevin Gausman, P, Louisianna State
    Kevin Moesquit, SS,
    Kevin Torres, , George Washington HS, NY
    Krey Bratsen, CF,
    Kurt Schluter, RHP/1B, Stetson
    Kyle Hooper, RHP, Santa Clara
    Kyle Calhoun, C, Heritage High School, Littleton Co
    Kyle Hansen, rhp, St. John's
    Kyle McKenzie, RHP, Tulane
    Kyle Richter, P, Southern California
    Kyle Von Tungeln, OF, Texas Christian
    Lance McCullers, RHP, Jesuit HS, Tampa
    Landen Cray, OF, Chimacum (Chimacum, Wash.)
    Lex Rutledge, LHP, Samford
    Lucas Giolito, P, Harvard-Westlake (North Hollywood, Calif.)
    Luke Bole, lhp, Mississippi State
    Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford
    Mark Hensley , C, Santa Fe (Edmond, Okla.)
    Mark Micowski, OF, Georgia State
    Mason Justice, P,
    Matt Dacey, 1B, Don Bosco Prep, NJ
    Matt Olson, INF/RHP, Parkview HS, Lilburn, Ga.
    Matt Tuley, RHP/SS, Lowell HS, Lowell MA
    Matt Wright, OF, Bethune-Cookman
    Matthew Crownover, LHP, Ringold HS
    Max Fried, P, Montclair Prep (Van Nuys, Calif.)
    Max White, OF, Oklahoma
    Michael Heller, RHP, Florida
    Michael Massardo, INF, Waxhaw, N.C.
    Michael Ratterree, 2b, Rice
    Michael Zunino, c, Florida
    Mike Morin, RHP, North Carolina
    Mike Reeves, C, Florida Gulf Coast
    Nathan Sorenson, CF,
    Nelson Rodriguez, C, George Washington HS, NY
    Nicholas Rosso, OF,
    Nick Travieso, RHP, American Heritage, FL
    Nick Williams, OF, Ball (Galveston, Texas)
    Nolan Fontana, SS, Florida
    Nolan Gannon, RHP, Santa Fe Christian HS, CA
    Nolan Sanburn, OF,
    Payden Honeycutt, INF, Weddington HS, Matthews, N.C.
    Reed Gragnani, 2B, Virginia
    Richie Shaffer, 1B, Clemson
    Rio Ruiz, RHP/IF, Covina, CA
    RJ Alvarez, , Florida Atlantic
    Ronnie Richardson, of/2b, Central Florida
    Ryne Stanek, P, Arkansas
    Sam Selman, lhp, Vanderbilt
    Sam Wolff, rhp, San Diego
    Scott Griggs, rhp, UCLA
    Sergio Pedroza, IF, Cal State Fullerton
    Spencer Theisen, OF, Stetson
    Stefan del Pino, LHP, Coastal Carolina(Not Active)
    Stephen Perez, SS, Miami
    Stryker Trahan, C, Acadiana HS, Lafayette, FL
    Tanner Poppe, rhp, Kansas
    Tanner Spencer, RHP, Craik, Sask.
    Taylor Gushue, C, Boca Raton, Fla.
    Taylor Rogers, lhp, Kentucky
    Timmy Lopes, INF, Edison (Huntington Beach, Calif.)
    Tobin Mateychick, P, Wichita State
    Tom Lemke, rhp, Nebraska
    Tomas Nido, C, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
    Tony Amezcua, P, Long Beach State U.
    Travis Dean, P,
    Trevor Megill, P, Marina (Huntington Beach, Calif.)
    Trey Oest, RHP, Durant HS, FL
    Trey Williams, 3B/OF, Valencia HS, Santa Clarita, Calif.
    Tyler Gonzales, INF/P, Madison (San Antonio, Texas)
    Tyson Schmitt, P, Washington
    Vance Vizcaino, SS/OF, Wakefield (Wake Forest, N.C.)
    Victor Roache, OF, Georgia Southern
    Walker Weickel, OF, Olympia, FL
    Wes Luquette, P, Louisianna State
    Zachary Green, INF, Jesuit (Carmichael, Calif.)
    Zachary Quintana, INF/RHP, Las Vegas, Nev.
    Zak Wasilewski, P, Tazewell, Virginia
    Zeke DeVoss, OF, Miami

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    Default Re: 2012 Top Draft Prospect

    Yep, he's a lock.

    They guy on your list who pitches, good old whathisname!!

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    Default Re: 2012 Top Draft Prospect

    Rendon is still the #1 guy for 2011 until he gives you reason to think otherwise. He's expected to be ready for the start of the season and has already started taking light BP.

    2012? Yikes. You're looking at college freshman from last year and high school sophomores for the most part.

    The most impressive freshman position player I saw last year was C/3B Austin Maddox out of Florida, but it's too early to say where he'll end up. He has a huge flaw, that being that he never draws walks. Ever. Something like 2% for the season.

    Brian Johnson out of Florida looked really good at the plate as well, but he didn't get in as many games. He's also a LHP. I don't know what position he projects at. Either 1B or maybe the OF as he's a big lefty. Possibly even a pitcher.

    I really liked OF Brian Goodwin out of UNC, but I think he's suspended for at least part of this coming season.

    You don't really get to see a lot of freshman pitchers, mainly just out of the bullpen and in spot starts unless they're really special players. Not really sure who is out there. Kevin Gausman was very highly regarded and taken in the 6th round out of high school this year. He'll be a sophomore eligible out of LSU in 2012.

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    Default Re: 2012 Top Draft Prospect

    Rendon. /Draft.
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