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Thread: Carson talks "Steelers"

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    Default Carson talks "Steelers"

    Wednesday with Carson
    Posted by kgoheen

    Bengals QB Carson Palmer spoke Wednesday about this weekís game at Pittsburgh, what it is like going up against the Steelers defense and his college teammate Troy Polamalu.

    You once voiced disdain for the Steelers. Do you still have that feeling?

    Absolutely. Absolutely. Itís a great rivalry within our division. Iím sure they looked more forward to the Ravens game this year because of the way things played out. But to us, itís a Steelers-Bengals game. Theyíve got a good record, weíve got a bad record. Weíre going to go in there and try to spoil what theyíve got going right now.

    Youíve had better success there than other division teams. Whatís been the key to that?

    Itís a very difficult place to play. Itís one of the few places that tries to make the playing surface difficult. Itís loud, itís hard to focus and concentrate, itís always windy. Late in the year when you play there, itís always cold. You get the game reports on Wednesdays and itís always, ĎWell, it could be really, really cold. It could snow. It could rain and thereís probably going to be wind.í So itís just kind of like the worst of all. Itís just one of those games, itís one of those environments thatís difficult, especially for teams that donít go there very often or go there every four years, eight years, whatever it is. We get to go there every year and play in that environment. Weíre a little bit used to it. We know what to expect. We donít really get caught off-guard as much as other teams do.

    Is this the time to put the young players in the game to see what they can do?

    I donít think much is going to change with us really. From what I can tell, itís not like theyíre pulling some of the veterans out and pulling them out of the lineup and putting in young guys. Iím not sure exactly whatís going on on the other side of the ball, but I know offensively itís going to be the same guys that have been playing.

    How much do you have to pay attention to LB James Harrison?

    Every play. I know the offensive line is always tracking him, knows where he is, sees where he starts but is worried about where heís going to finish because heís such a threat. I mean really, they just have good players at every position. Thereís not many defenses in the league that you can say that about.

    Do you think T.O.ís performance this season has proved heís still got plenty left in the tank?

    I think so. Iíd have never thought that there was a question if he could still play. Itís obvious. Even watching his film in Buffalo, itís obvious he can still play and could still play coming into this year.

    If you were a GM, which one of the Steelers would you draft first?

    On defense? I would take Troy with my first defensive pick across the league.

    What about somebody you havenít roomed with? (Palmer and Polamalu were college roommates at USC.)

    Um, thatís a good question. They each bring something Ö (S Ryan) Clark is an absolute monster when he comes up to hit people. You remember the play against (Willis) McGahee in the playoff game. Each guy has such a different role. But probably Harrison. Heís a former defensive MVP and extremely difficult to block in the run game, in the pass game. Can get out and cover. I think heís probably maybe one of the top three or four defensive players in the league, and they have two of the top on their team.

    Where do you think Troy made his biggest progress?

    Probably going into his second year just because he didnít play much his first year. Just trying to learn that scheme and found out where to play him. Heís such a unique athlete, itís not like you just stick him at safety because he can do so many things well. I always thought he should return punts because when he returned punted in college, people didnít tackle him. Heís so unique and so gifted that I think that first year it wasnít trying to decide if he could play or not, it was trying to decide where to play him and how to play him and how to use him. So going into his second year when he was on the field all the time was probably when he improved the most.

    How well has he played since you faced him last time?

    The two plays he made last week in the game are game-winning plays. But heís capable of doing that any week against any opponent and all season long, every week. But heís really made some very significant plays in games at very significant points in games.
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    Default Re: Carson talks "Steelers"

    If Palmer was smart, he would leave that team and go to Arizona or some team that shows promise and doesn't have zoo type players to contend with.

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    Default Re: Carson talks "Steelers"

    Palmer could do very well on most other teams and someday he'll probably be sitting in his rockingchair thinking, " if I wasn't on that stupid team with those stupid receivers, felons and what have you I, may have gotten a SB ring with another team "

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