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Thread: JoePa Sick? Outback Bowl Finale?

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    Default JoePa Sick? Outback Bowl Finale?

    Email hoaxes and "rumors" get passed around all the time, mistakenly often taken as truth., especially with JoePa over the years. For what it's worth:

    Over the past week an email from a member of the “Higher ups” in the football program has made it’s way around the Internet. For the most part is seems truthful, but the question becomes how much of this email is really new information slapped together with some big words and cryptic structure. You can take it for what it’s worth but we’ve broken this down into sections to take a look at it.

    All of this critique can be refuted if someone can produce this email before the events mention below occurred, otherwise this reads a lot more like message board chatter hidden behind a few new, unconfirmable ideas and passed on as “my source says”.


    “So here’s the extent of what I am hearing..

    1. Joe is apparently sick. The rumors vary as to what he actually has or has undergone over the last 9 months, but none of it is good. Anyone that has any sort of day-to-day contact with him has been saying this. Instead of looking bad once every 10 public appearances, hes bad every other appearancewe see it in the p.c.s, but other people say its more evident when you see him in person. Some people literally thought he was at deaths door during the season. Its been that bad at times. One rumor is that he has had 3 mini strokes in the past month. He is apparently no longer allowed to drive, and his short term memory is completely shot.

    * It wasn’t a state secret that Joe was sick this offseason, the question just had been how much of it was the flu. Most of this section seems likely, but there isn’t any way to confirm Paterno’s current medical status outside of what we see. For the most part he looks like your average 84 year old. Good days and bad days. Mini strokes seem possible as well as the rumors of intestinal cancer but we may never know.

    2. Apparently this all came to a head at the senior banquet. Tons of players tweeted crap about how out of it he was..said it was going to be great to play in a Thanksgiving Day Bowl.someone in admin. Reached out to every living captain that played for him and asked them to write a letter to Joe, which was presented to him in a book. It was weird, because no one knew or thought anything was officially decided, but it was clear it was kind of like a send off. Anyway, he gets the book and is fine speaking for a couple of minutes, then tails off into nonsense and nobody can figure out what hes talking about.he finished up by saying I gotta go beat my old friend Spurrier in the bowl game.walks off the stage, and walks out of the room.

    * This too is correct for the most part. Brandon Ware tweeted about Joe’s quote about Thanksgiving Day Bowl and Joe is known for his ablity to pick the worst times to be socially awkward. For the most part there is little to dispute in this paragraph. There is also nothing terribly alarming.

    3. Within the last week, the family (Sue, Jay and whichever daughter is the power playerI forget who’s who) apparently stepped up and said this is it. There are extra planes so that the entire family can make the trip.

    * No way to confirm or deny this, and unless 300 Paterno’s show up at the bowl game this will never be made public.

    4. The coaches know it and its apparently clear that none of them are getting the job (Joes choice was Vandy). Vandy is in consideration for the Ball State job..Scrap has reached out to Pitt and told Big Red hell take him with wherever he ends up. LJ is apparently considering moving on completely from coaching and seeking out other opportunities.

    * This is where the email starts to get fishy. Not with inaccuracy’s but that the “new” information that this email is reporting. Ball State has already hired a new coach as well as Pitt. Larry Johnson on the other hand has openly said that he would rather retire early to work within a church rather than work an extended career in coaching. This looks a lot more like putting old information in with new ideas and playing it off a credible.

    5. Rumor is that Golden knows this. Some have suggested that he will take the Miami job. Others have suggested that he has taken his name out of the hat for Miami because he is the plan B candidate here.

    * Once again, Golden has already taken the Miami job after this email was sent. That being said, it’s 100% likely that Golden reached out to Penn State before taking the job.

    6. Multiple people have said the name is Dungy, and that contact has been made in the last couple of days, and interest is mutual. I dont know if I buy that, but I dont know why the people who have said this would suggest him when theyve all had other names on their wishlist ahead of him for a while.

    * This has been message board chatter for a while, some of it coming from more reasonable sources. Only time will tell if Dungy plays a role in Penn State’s future but at this point it’s nothing more than rumor.

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    Default Re: JoePa Sick? Outback Bowl Finale?

    Joe's better half calls shenanigans on the whole thing.

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    Default Re: JoePa Sick? Outback Bowl Finale?

    To those in the know, Penn State coach Joe Paterno remains sharp

    By Joey Knight, Times Staff Writer
    In Print: Thursday, December 30, 2010

    TAMPA — So much for senility.

    When 84-year-old Penn State coach Joe Paterno spotted Nittany Lions alumnus Sean Love at Tuesday afternoon's Outback Bowl practice at Jesuit High, he greeted Love — an offensive and defensive lineman in Happy Valley during the Reagan administration — by name.

    Then, he asked about Love's wife, Renee', by name.

    Then, he asked how Love's kids were doing.

    Then, according to Love, Paterno — who allegedly can't recall what he had for breakfast, who supposedly has been admitted to every hospital from State College to St. Petersburg in recent weeks, who is rumored to be days from retirement — hopped in some linemen's faces with all the subtlety of an unmuffled El Camino.

    "I mean, he's amazing," said Love, now an assistant at Plant High. "He coaches the QBs, the linemen, the DBs. He has coaching tips for every single position."

    For those convinced JoePa has spent the past 15 or so years serving as nothing more than an octogenarian, golf cart-riding figure*head at Penn State practices, those who actually see him each day beg to differ.

    To them, he's alert, active and in your grill. He's also bent on remaining on the job for a 46th season in 2011. In a more scrutinized setting, Paterno's sentences might arrive with more of a slur and softness, and his gait is a bit more slumped these days.

    But players and assistants insist his passion and perceptibility remain as crisp as the creases in his trademark khakis.

    "The guy's a freak of nature," senior defensive tackle Ollie Ogbu said.

    "I didn't know what to expect going over there, but he's not on a cart," said Bucs tight end John Gilmore, who also visited his alma mater's practice Tuesday.

    "Nobody's carting this guy around. He's walking around from drill to drill. He still stays 50 yards behind the defense yelling."

    Meet the star attraction of an Outback Bowl steeped in irony. When Florida and Penn State conclude their New Year's Day meeting late Saturday afternoon, 46-year-old Gators coach Urban Meyer will exit his profession, in part for health reasons.

    Paterno, meantime, says he fully intends to remain on the job he has held since 1966, when Lyndon B. Johnson was president, the Buccaneers were 10 years from playing their first game, and Meyer was 2.

    "I'm different than Urban. I've got people calling up saying, 'When the hell are you getting out?' " joked Paterno, who expects to have at least 14 of his 17 grandkids at the game. "I don't know when I'll get out. I honestly don't know."

    For every shiny, silver commemorative Outback Bowl football Paterno signed — in legible, left-handed cursive — at a Raymond James Stadium function this month, there's an explanation for his longevity.

    Just how does one man stay at the same job, reside in the same single-story house a seven-minute walk from campus, and maintain the same scandal-free persona through 401 wins, nine U.S. presidents and 874 coaching changes elsewhere at the Division I-A level?

    Depending on whom you speak with, it's passion, perspective, an attention to detail, an ability to delegate, or a hearty stew of such intangibles.

    "It's not a job for him. He does it because he wants to," Gilmore said.

    "I think he has confidence in us, and we have confidence in him," added 70-year-old offensive coordinator (and former Florida coach) Galen Hall, whose seven years on PSU's staff makes him a Happy Valley newbie compared to his fellow Lions assistants.

    "On game day he sees more than anyone I've been around. He has a feel for the game, he has a feel for the players. … He does an excellent job on the sideline of guys that are coming out of games and looking at them and finding out what's going on."

    Paterno, signing one silver ball after another, says it's even simpler than that.

    "I've had success because I hardly ever lose a coach," said Paterno, whose staff includes six assistants who have worked at least 15 years at PSU, not including former Lions quarterbacks Hall (Class of '63) and Mike McQueary (Class of '97).

    "And I hardly ever lose a coach because the university does a great job making it a great place to live and work. State College is a great place.

    "I can walk to work in seven minutes. I walk a way down the block, I'm on campus. If I want to have a staff meeting, I can go back home, call up (everyone), and in 10 minutes I can have everybody in the office. They all live in the town. It's a nice place."

    Yet as the birthday candles accumulate, so does talk of Paterno's exit. When you're older than the stadium in which you coach, it's only natural. Love heard it — from JoePa himself — when he was being recruited out of high school in eastern Pennsylvania.

    "He said at that time I was going to be the last class he coached," Love recalled. "He was only going to coach four more years."

    That was 1987.

    "I think you just sort of expect it for Joe to be out there, I really do," Hall said. "And he really hasn't slowed down. I think it's phenomenal, but still with Joe Paterno you really don't think it is."

    Times staff writer Stephen F. Holder contributed to this report.

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    For you all the other Penn staters I'd hope so. I just finished seeing Florida toy around with psu

    Now I must go talk smack on my brother
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