Young, Moss top our naughty list

By Adam Schein
Dec 24, 2010 5:56 PM ET

There’s nothing I love more than the holiday season. It’s time for love, warmth, family, and friends. Happy holidays to all of our great readers and viewers here on . . .

Ah, screw it.

Why wait until the offseason? We separate the keepers from the riffraff. It’s our first Christmas list of who needs to be gone from their respective teams next season.

Vince Young: The act is over. He is not a leader. His teammates can't trust him. Young isn't the first one in or the last one to leave. Memo to owner Bud Adams: Keep Jeff Fisher and finally cut the cord with VY.

Randy Moss: This act is really over. And I mean done, as in a career being finished. He is a total malcontent who infuriated three coaching staffs in a single season. That's an unofficial record, so congrats, I guess.

Bob Sanders: When he's healthy, Sanders is one of the most dominant defensive players in the sport. Sadly for the Colts, he's never healthy. For a team that truly sticks to a budget, the Colts need to free up Sanders' money.

Gary Kubiak: Bob McNair must have trouble sleeping at night knowing he gave his overmatched head coach a contract extension last year. McNair can't keep this subpar coach, who time after time fails with game management.

Frank Bush: Part of Kubiak's downfall was attributable to his appointment of Bush as his defensive coordinator. Go back to the winter of 2009 when teams were changing defensive coordinators. The Saints hired Gregg Williams. The Packers tabbed Dom Capers. Denver smartly hired Mike Nolan. Kubiak somehow thought Bush was the answer.

Aaron Maybin: Just cut the cord. He seems more interested in being a body builder than a football player. The old Bills regime drafted him high in the first round two drafts ago and the next impact play Maybin makes will be his first. And to think they actually drafted this one-hit wonder in college over Michael Oher, who would've been Buffalo's franchise left tackle for a decade.

Dan Henning: I fault the coordinator for the offensive struggles in Miami, not the quarterback ... and certainly not Tony Sparano. It all went wrong on offense in Miami this year. Chad Henne regressed. The team couldn't run with authority. The Wildcat is so two years ago and needs to be shelved. Brandon Marshall didn't make a splash. The Miami play selection was terrible all year. Did you see the follies on the final drive last week? Henning has been in the league for over 30 years, so he should be forced to retire, not get fired.

Eric Mangini: Good luck in the UFL, chief.

Jake Delhomme: I have always been a big Delhomme fan. He was a classic overachiever who got the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl. I’ve always admired his toughness and leadership. Maybe he takes on a mentoring role for Colt McCoy with the next head coach in Cleveland. But with the way he’s played this year, on the heels of how things ended in Carolina, you have to wonder if my guy is shot.

Marvin Lewis: I think Lewis is a really good coach who did good things with the Bengals. But his contract is up and I think that the “Bengal way” — being cheap and bringing on bad character players — has rightly worn on Lewis.

Carson Palmer: He is one of my favorite players in the NFL. But I sadly had to write the epitaph column on Palmer earlier in the year. He used to be the “human jugs machine.” Now, you can bank on Palmer’s lack of zip and inaccurate throws.

Terrell Owens: He is a sideshow clown who doesn’t care about winning. He cares only about himself. He is a cancer to any locker room he is in.

Chad Ochocinco: See Terrell Owens.

Matt Dodge: Fact is, the Giants punter should’ve been cut in September at the very latest. He seemed scared from the get-go. I have been saying for months he was going to cost the Giants a game. I never dreamed it was going to be that bad.

Albert Haynesworth: Congrats Albert on being the single biggest disgrace in the NFL this year, pocketing more than $20 million from the Redskins and refusing to practice, play, hustle, talk to your coach, or give a ****.

Marion Barber III: Here’s one I totally whiffed on in the preseason. I liked Barber. But let’s be honest: He’s clearly been the third best back on the Cowboys this year and can’t stay healthy.

John Fox: I like “Foxie,” but his contract is up and he just hasn’t been winning. It was a good run in Carolina, but it is absolutely time for a fresh voice.

Mike Singletary: He changes quarterbacks more than I change socks. His search for the “rat” to start the season, his terrible game management, his news conferences, his player relationships are all off. Singletary has absolutely no idea what being a head coach is all about and is totally overmatched.

Derek Anderson: Keep laughing, pretty boy. Keep laughing.

Brett Favre: You have to love Favre telling Julius Peppers to beat the Packers. Yeah, this cat gets it. He just doesn't understand his legacy is in Green Bay with the great Packers fans. End the drama forever.