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Thread: Big Ten Big Disappointment in Bowl Games

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    Default Big Ten Big Disappointment in Bowl Games

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    Default Re: Big Ten Big Disappointment in Bowl Games

    Clearly blown out of proportion by SEC slappies like Gary Danielson. How many of those Big 10 teams were favored in their bowl matchups? I know Iowa beat a higher ranked Missouri team. Outside of the Michigan State score, I don't think any of the other Big 10 losses were SHOCKING! Michigan State was clearly over-rated (co-champions because they didn't play Ohio State and pulled out last second win vs Northwestern... in addition to a last play win over ND.) Had MSU not laid down against Alabama, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Michigan had no defense all year and was playing for basically a lameduck coach. PSU and Wisconsin's games could have gone either way. Northwestern played without their starting QB. Plus, this article assumes Ohio State is going to lose. IMO Ohio State will be extremely motivated to win because of the off field issues and I hate Ohio State!

    This is like 2009 Red Wings fans claiming superiority over the Penguins after game 5!

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    Default Re: Big Ten Big Disappointment in Bowl Games

    The Big 10 is clearly losing potential recruits to more pleasant climate schools. The is the reason why we are seeing the slow demise of the Big 10 and Big 12 as preeminent conferences. While these conferences aren't dead, I predict they'll be looking more like the Big Least than the SEC within a decade.

    Of course, I've been wrong before.

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