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Thread: Stains Quotes from Steelers-Stains Game

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    Default Stains Quotes from Steelers-Stains Game

    ************************************************** **********


    (Opening statement)- ďJust in talking to the guys, itís a really disappointing way to end the season. There are not many positives to talk about. I thought we got beat in all three phases, but they had a better plan than we did and when that happens against a team like this, you have a day like today. I didnít think that was what it was going to be, Iím disappointed that it was. When I look at what these guys have done throughout the course of the season, Iím proud of that and Iím proud of them. Iím disappointed for them and for all of us and the fans that this is the way the season ended.Ē

    (On how he would explain the performance today)- ďI didnít really think this would be the performance that we would have today. I think that when you start the game with a pick and then the big play to Mike Wallace, those are two things that you canít do against a team like Pittsburgh. Thatís not the way you want to start it, then we couldnít get back on track. We couldnít get any momentum in any of the three phases, and we had opportunities. We had opportunities for touchdowns where we couldnít hold on to the ball. We had opportunities defensively, whether it was keeping Ben (Roethlisberger) in the pocket, and we didnít take advantage of those either.Ē

    (On four straight losses to end the season)- ďYou want to end the season on a positive note and continue to move forward. Like a lot of our opportunities this season, we were close in different ones and you have to be able to take that step and close games out and finish games, finish those opportunities. We didnít do well enough of that.Ē

    (On if there was a lack of intensity this week and today)- ďNo, I didnít have that sense at all. I didnít have that sense during the week, I didnít have that sense last night and I didnít have that sense before the game. We didnít play very well in any phase, we just didnít play well. I didnít think it was a lack of intensity at all, I just thought it was a lack of performance against a team that performed at a very high level. Thatís the only chance you have against a team like that is to perform at a high level and not make mistakes. We turned the ball over three times, we missed opportunities on third down and you canít do it. You canít do it.Ē

    (On if he will be able to convince Mike Holmgren to bring him back for next season)- ďWeíll get together tomorrow and see where it goes. I think the team has done a lot of good things this season. Itís difficult to feel any of those positives right now in wake of what just happened. Itís hard to do that for anybody, but they have (done good things) and like I said, I appreciate what theyíve done this season, I really do Jeff (Schudel). Itís just difficult right now with all of the emotion after a game like today to really take a step back and look at that.Ē

    (On if feels he has done enough to deserve to stay)- ďIím going to leave that conversation to Mike and myself. I do believe what I told you, that this organization and this team have a very bright future. I think that weíve taken a lot of steps that we need to take and itís hard when youíre going through that process to be able to see the other side of things and to be able to appreciate those things. Itís even harder when you come off a defeat like we had today, it really is, to take a step back and be objective. Nobody feels good right now. None of the players, none of the coaches, nobody feels good. You never feel good after a game like today. The thing I do feel good about is the people tat weíve assembled, the work that weíve done and the progress that weíve made. This is the first time this season where I felt like we werenít in the game, we werenít able to keep the game in terms where we had an opportunity to win it. It was the first time.Ē

    (On if Colt McCoy has regressed in the last two weeks)- ďI think that Colt is dealing with the reality of the exceptional defenses that we deal with in this division. In the last two weeks you have got two of the best defenses, not only in this division, but in the NFL. Outside of that, our ability to run the football effectively would have helped him quite a bit and I donít think we did that very well the last couple of weeks either.Ē

    (On if McCoy was injured today)- ďNo.Ē

    (On the field goal when they were down 14-0)- ďI didnít really anticipate us not being able to slow them down defensively. I thought 11 points, to get back into the game and get points there and I didnít want to come away from that drive with no points. Thereís no thought process there of them continuing to be able to drive the football like they did. I didnít really think that was a possibility.Ē

    (On how there were a lot of dropped passes and mistakes and if there was a lack of concentration on the field)- ďI think weíre going to look at Coltís performance and see the interceptions, but he did throw some nice balls and he gave us some chances to score some points. Iím not taking away from the interceptions, but you have got to be able to make those plays. We had two opportunities on the goal line to score where the ball was put into a place that it should be caught. That is concentration, that is being able to finish the plays and I would expect us to be able to do that.Ē

    (On Mohamed Massaquoi ran the wrong route on McCoyís second interception)- ďI donít think so, Iím trying to visualize the route that he ran.Ē

    (On it looked like McCoy was anticipating Massaquoi going a different direction on that play)- ďI think Colt was anticipating him coming back. He was trying to throw the under throw and fade and then Mohamed saw it as continuing the route, Colt saw it as him breaking off. Thatís what happened.Ē

    (On what happened in the secondary on the touchdown pass to Wallace in the first quarter)- ďThe safety should have been deep, should have stayed deep. They ran an over with a post, the safety bit on the over and they hit the post. Itís Mike Wallace, heís got more 40 yard completions than any duo or whatever the stat is. We stay deep on Wallace and worst case scenario you give up the over, you donít give up the post. Itís not any secret where the deep ball is going to go.Ē

    (On if he would need a break if his time is up here after coming straight to Cleveland after leaving New York in 2009)- ďI think that I just look at things and evaluate things. One of the real things that Iíve felt personally is that Iíve been able to grow tremendously as a coach and as a person and I think that happens with any profession. You learn from your mistakes, you learn from just the process. I feel lucky for the opportunity to continue to grow in this role and in this job and I think that will continue. In terms of what could happen, weíll have to see, but I am really happy with the things that Iíve been able to learn.Ē

    (On how other teams that were in the Brownsí place last year have made changes and improved this year)- ďIt happens for different people at different times and Iíve been a part of both things, some things that happen more quickly, some things that happen less quickly. I think the Steelers are a great team to point to. One of the things that the Steelers have done is been consistent and theyíve had continuity. Thereís been a consistent philosophy there and they win year in and year out with a few hiccups here and there. I think thatís a formula thatís proven and tested and works and I believe in that. I believe that you can continue to build on what youíve done and nothing really thatís worthwhile is achieved over night, very rarely, very rarely. If you want to build sustainable success, you have a sustainable philosophy and you have some things that you believe in, things that are foundations for success in the long term.

    QB Colt McCoy

    (On how the game got away)- ďWell, early on we just didnít execute on offense, didnít stay on the field like we should have and we had a couple early turnovers that really killed us. When those things happen, kind of like last week, it puts your offense in a bind, it puts your defense in bind. And when they (Pittsburgh) score the very first play the next time they get the ball, itís just hard. Itís hard to bounce back. Theyíre a really good football team. I mean, they had a lot to play for today and they came in and played near perfect. So, itís on us.Ē

    (On missed chances in end zone)- ďYeah, we were close. We were close. It would have been huge for us to get a touchdown instead of a field goal. Having to settle for a field goal right there, making it 14-7 instead of 14-3, I think we have a little more life. But, again, in saying that, we can do better. We can do better. We shouldnít let it get to14-0 before we start a drive anyway. But that was a big drive for us and we got points. We need to come out and find a way after that to sustain drives.Ē

    (On his first interception by Steelers S Troy Polamalu)- ďItís just one of things. It happened so fast. One of the things we wanted to do offensively this week was spread it out. Get their base people in there and go empty [backfield], hit the first one, hit the second one and then we feel like weíre rolling. Those (mistakes) are things that we have got to eliminate as a team, just the boom-boom plays, the tipped balls, maybe a protection here or there. Just little things, little things like that are easily correctable, easily fixable.Ē

    (On how his rookie season went)- ďMy rookie season, well, I think we all know that I wasnít expected to play and I got a unique opportunity when two guys in front of me go down and I have to step up and play. I donít like to credit myself, but I stayed in it. I stayed in game plans without reps, without really much attention and I completely understand that we were focused on getting QB Jake (Delhomme) and QB Seneca (Wallace) ready to play this year. Just being able to hang in there and fight and then get thrust into it, I got a lot of experience. I have earned a lot of experience thatís really going to help the last two weeks, especially last week. I thought this week it was better. I got a lot of experience, eight games that nobody expected me to get, and Iím fired up about it. Iím fired up about the guys in this locker room. I know they compete to the very end, they fight to the very end. There is a good core of guys in there that weíre building an organization around and Iím super proud to be a part of it. And I know itís down times right now, but when I come back next year, Iím not a rookie anymore. Itís time to play, itís time to go, and I understand that.Ē

    (On the teamís struggles in recent weeks )- ďYou always have to look in a positive way about negative things. What can you take positive about this? What can I take thatís going to help me? And definitely Iíve got so much I can learn from. I can watch these tapes, I can watch these films, and I can watch our Division opponents as theyíre in the playoffs, and I can see what they do. Thatís going to make a huge difference, if I go back and I learn from it, learn from these mistakes, learn from just the ups and downs of the NFL. Itís tough, it is. Itís a tough sport, but I know Iím in the right place. I canít picture myself being anywhere else, and I know God has given me a unique opportunity, and the talents and abilities to be here. I know Iím going to give everything Iíve got for our team and for our organization, and there are great things in the future.Ē

    (On how Eric Mangini has helped him develop this year)- ďYes, he has. He and Coach (Brian) Daboll. You know you have to have great coaches to really throw a rookie out on the field. Coach (Brian) Daboll has spent hours and hours with me after I started to play and became the starter. Iíve spent a lot of time studying, breaking down tape. Weíve put a lot of hard work in together. I donít know what the future holds for our coaching staff, but I do know there are guys in this locker room that are committed to changing the way its been around here, and Iím one of them.Ē

    (On if itís hard to grasp losing)- ďWell, you canít ever accept it. I think thatís the number one thing. You canít ever accept the losses, what goes on. You work 365 days a year for 16 Sundays. When things donít go the way you want, when things go downhill, the true character guys are the ones who step up and play, and just find a way to win. We didnít get it done like we wanted to this year, but like I said, and I was telling Mary (Kay Cabot) thereís so many opportunities for us as a team, there are so many opportunities to turn on the tape and watch, especially for me as a quarterback, just to see things the way things happen. You know, there were a couple times today where we were just not on the same page with the signals, with things at the line of scrimmage. We were off. Our communication was off a little bit, and those are things that have got to change. I was talking earlier about the little things. Those are the things that need to change, and they will.Ē

    (On if he was injured today)- ďIím o.k. Iím o.k. Physically, it was a tough game, theyíre a tough defense. I got hit probably more than Iíve been hit all year, but Iím o.k.Ē

    (On if he broke his helmet after a hit)- ďI hope I didnít break my helmet.Ē

    (On if he had X-rays today)- ďNo.Ē

    (On what he attributes to being Ďoffí today)- ďI think one thing you can attribute it to is the defense that weíre going against. If you look at whatís happened this year, weíve played against New Orleans, New England, Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice. Just looking at that experience alone, you werenít even going to play all year, but you got to play against five or six of the best teams in the NFL and beat a couple of them. Thatís the experience thatís crucial for me as a quarterback. I can look back and watch those things and learn from them, and ultimately, put all my heart and effort into it and become a better quarterback.Ē

    (On if he wants the Browns to put the team on his shoulders and if heís driven to be a starting quarterback)- ďWell, I certainly hope so. You know I am driven, I am committed here. Trust me, and itís not just me, there are tons of guys in there. Like I said, you canít ever accept the things that go on that are negative here. You just canít accept those things. Youíve got to find a way to fix them, a way to change them, and move on. I think this year was huge for me, just maturing as a quarterback, and becoming a better quarterback- experience that I got and saw playing against those teams. Iíve seen every blitz there is in the NFL. And those are things you have to learn from. Iím not saying itís going to be easy when we come back because itís not, but itís going to be better, I promise you that.Ē

    (On the possibility of running the West Coast offense in the future)- ďWell, I have no idea whatís in the future, but we ran more of that style when I was in college.Ē

    (On his confidence level from the beginning of this season until now)- ďBeing in the position that I play, being in this spot as a quarterback, you canít ever lose confidence in yourself. You have to have ultimate complete trust in yourself, and I had that. I still do. I believe in the talents and gifts that God has given me to play quarterback. After that, you have to be given the opportunity. Youíve got to have the opportunity. Youíve got to have guys that believe in you. I know that that locker room does, and we just have to find ways to win.Ē

    (On Eric Manginiís system)- ďIíve said before and Iíll say it today, Coach Mangini and his staff, for me personally, have done a great job. Theyíve really taught me and coached me, especially in the time since Iíve started playing. Coach Daboll has spent hours and hours with me, studying film and breaking down film, and theyíre both very smart football coaches. Like I said, I do not know what the future holds, but I know coach Holmgren is our President, and I know heís going to make the right decisions to figure out how this organization can become a winner.Ē

    (On what he believes the great things in the future will come from)- ďI personally can do so much better. I know I will, I know I can. I know that the guys in the locker room, the core group of guys in there believe in each other too. Itís not the coaches, the coaches canít win games for you. Itís who you have, the eleven guys that step out on the field, and play and execute. Weíve got to do a better job. Itís on us.Ē

    (On if his interceptions in recent games should be a concern)- ďThose happen. The last one today you had a guy wide open running and I throw it, and right as I throw it, I get hit, and the ball comes down. I didnít even see where the ball went, but I know there was a guy wide open. And we had a tipped ball. Mo (WR Mohamed Massaquoi) and I were on the same page, I point to the guy, and we just mis-communicated. I thought he was going to do something, and he thought I was going to do something else, and those are the little things that we talked about. Those happen, and yet, those things lose games. Turnovers lose games for you. Yeah, they need to change. They need to get fixed, need to get better, and it starts with me. But I donít dwell on those. Youíve got to move on. I thought we played the last two quarters pretty effectively. We came out and never stopped fighting, and we scored a touchdown. Those are the positive things we take from this. As a quarterback, you canít dwell on the interceptions because itís all of us. Weíve got to be better.Ē

    WR Mohamed Massaquoi

    (On the Steelers distracting Cleveland from its game plan)- ďVery disappointing. It was our last game, our last chance to play for our fans. They played a great game, obviously. Like I said, this was the last game, so going into the offseason weíll just try to really critique everything and pay attention to everything, and just try to get a little bit better.Ē

    (On rumors of coaching changes)- ďFor me, this offseason, Iím just going to look at myself to see what I can do better, and to see how I can become a better player and take my game to the next level.Ē

    (On the Browns losing their last four games)- ďAs a competitor, you never want to lose. I hate losing. Personally, I donít take losing lightly. Like I said, I want to be the best possible player that I can be coming back next year. Iím just going to do everything I possibly can do, evaluate myself the best I can, and take the negatives and try to improve them to positives.Ē

    (On the upcoming off-season)- ďFor me personally, just go back and re-evaluate everything during this off-

    .season, and take advantage of every moment just to try to make myself the best that I can be. Iíll try to get with some guys that are successful and try to learn from them, so next year when I come back I can take my game to another level.Ē

    (On todayís game)- ďTo the fans that stuck around and continued to cheer, I definitely appreciate it. Itís been said time and time before that Cleveland has some of the most loyal fans. We just recognize some of the things that the [Pittsburgh] Steelers did. You canít deny they are a successful team and just try to watch them and how their guys go about things, so that next year when I have a chance to replay them in this rematch, we can come out on top and I can do the best that I can.Ē

    K Phil Dawson

    (On getting a picture with LS Ryan Pontbriand at the end of the game)- ďIíve been with Ryan longer than any teammate in my career and weíve developed a pretty special relationship. So we just wanted to make sure that we got a pretty good picture.Ē

    (On his feelings at the end of the game)- ďWe just got drummed by the Steelers, that is the first set of emotions. You all know me, Iíve talked about that game a lot. Itís hard to think about anything other than that, to be quite honest. Iíve had quite a few different sets of emotions today and it is just tough right now.Ē

    (On whether he has felt these emotions before)- ďToday was a unique day. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support by fans yelling at me or people who work at the stadium just, people that Iíve become friends with in the community. This has been a pretty emotional week for me and Iím just overwhelmed with how just how great people have been to me.Ē

    (On next year)- ďI am just going to sit down and see what happens. Weíll just have to wait and see.

    (On how long the process will take)- ďNo one knows. This offseason, I am not the only one with uncertainty. Every NFL player has uncertainty this offseason. There is really no calendar for when things are going to happen so I am going to home, go back to Texas, get in the sunshine a little bit, do a little fishing and wait to let the dust settle.Ē

    OT Joe Thomas

    (On Head Coach Eric Manginiís postgame speech)- ďHe thanked us for our effort and our hard work during the season. He said whatever happens, happens, and that hopefully he would see us next year. If not, heís thankful for the work we put in.Ē

    (On the off-season)- ďIím sure everybody thinks there is a possibility (of Mangini leaving), weíll see what happens next season. We knew that was the way it was going to be coming into the season, so I donít think anything was different.Ē

    (On distraction from a possible coaching change )- ďYou worry about your opponent and the guy thatís going to be across from you. You canít worry about the bigger picture or whatís going to go on next year.Ē

    DL Kenyon Coleman

    (On coming into this game)- ďI felt that coming into this game we were ready to play. I think you have to give credit to the Steelers. They came out there and played a good game. Obviously the outcome is not what we wanted. We fought hard this year and unfortunately we did not want it to end like that. We just have to keep the perspective that we fought hard all year.Ē

    (On if the team did enough to save Eric Manginiís job)- ďThis is my fourth year playing here (in Cleveland) and he is a great coach and a great guy. We will just have to wait and see what happens.Ē

    (On if Eric Mangini shared anything with his players about his future)- ďHe just wanted to say that he appreciated our hard work. Obviously no one wants the record that we had. I donít think the record reflects the guys in this room but, at the end of the day, what we put on tape and what we put on the field is how people will perceive us. This team is a family and this is my ninth year and I have never been a part of something like this. Like I said, our record is what it is, but taking away from this year and just realizing that there are people on this team who love each other and who take care of each other and we hope the best.Ē

    (On his thought on a pending lockout)- ďHonestly, they can get it done in a week, they could get it done in a month. Itís just really a lot of unknowns but thatís just the nature of the NFL. Every year you donít know if you are going to make the team so you just (take it) day by day. Obviously, we are in the offseason and I am going to enjoy my family and we will see what happens.Ē

    OL Eric Steinbach

    (On todayís game)- ďWe did not make the plays out there and they jumped up quick on us and that haunted us. Stuff that was usually working just really wasnít working.Ē

    (On the teamís collapse since the Miami game)- ďWe just basically lost the games. I donít know; there was really no magic or secret formula. You just have to come out and make the plays and play complementary football in all three phases. Each week we were missing a phase here or a phase there.Ē

    (On the lack of production from the talent on this team)- ďItís just a little disappointing because no one wants to have a losing record or finish the season that way. You see teams that donít really have the talent that win and you see guys with a bunch of talent that do not win. Again, no secret to it, you either can come out and play sixty minutes and win - or you donít.Ē

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    Default Re: Stains Quotes from Steelers-Stains Game


    (Opening statement)-

    "Well, looks like my team was trying to get me fired today and finally they may have succeeded at something."

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    Default Re: Stains Quotes from Steelers-Stains Game

    How wasn't anyone able to predict Mangina's fate - from day one?

    I was pounding the stains forums about this when they hired the guy, I told them exactly what would happen, and it happened exactly the way I expected.

    Mangina's not a turn-around guy, nor is Holmgren - he's not going to do **** for the stains. He got lucky one year with the shehawks and since then he's trashed the team. If Holmy is such a hot draw, why's he with the stains? Same for Mangina - the stains aren't going to attract top leadership unless they pay out the ***.

    It's pretty ****ing simple.
    Write drunk, edit sober - Ernest Hemingway

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    Default Re: Stains Quotes from Steelers-Stains Game

    You gotta like how he used the "they win year in and year out in Pittsburgh because they have continuity in their system" argument to justify him to come back next year.
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    Default Re: Stains Quotes from Steelers-Stains Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetchuck View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    How wasn't anyone able to predict Mangina's fate - from day one?

    I was pounding the stains forums about this when they hired the guy, I told them exactly what would happen, and it happened exactly the way I expected.

    Mangina's not a turn-around guy, nor is Holmgren - he's not going to do **** for the stains. He got lucky one year with the shehawks and since then he's trashed the team. If Holmy is such a hot draw, why's he with the stains? Same for Mangina - the stains aren't going to attract top leadership unless they pay out the ***.

    It's pretty ****ing simple.

    Holmgren with making the Browns better will be just by contrast.

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