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Thread: Honus Wagner Sporting Goods shop closing

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    Default Honus Wagner Sporting Goods shop closing

    What sad news this is.. a 91 year old staple of downtown, once owned and operated by Wagner and Pie Traynor, is going out of business.

    I love going into this shop. Always make it a point to stop in when I'm downtown. Gonna hate to see it go!
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    Default Re: Honus Wagner Sporting Goods shop closing

    It's funny. When I was downtown for Light Up Night and walking around and such we passed up the store and I had completely forgotten about it.

    It';s definitely a shame to see a place that's historic like this going away especially when it managed to survive so much over the decades, shame it couldn't survive todays climate
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    Default Re: Honus Wagner Sporting Goods shop closing

    I always used to come in from Oakland and shop there or at the one on Forbes. (We had Wilson's and Shea's sporting goods in Oakland, but Wagner's was better.)

    The father of two (fraternal twins) of my high school buddies was the long time manager of ther Liberty Avenue Wagner's in the late 50's and early 60's. The boys used to tease him that being manager meant that he got to open and lock the doors everyday.

    The smaller brother was a left handed pitcher and his much huskier brother was a catcher and they always had the best gloves, shoes, bats, etc.

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    Default Re: Honus Wagner Sporting Goods shop closing

    I remember stopping in the downtown store as a kid (God, how old am I?!!) and seeing Honus sitting in the central area that served as an office on the retail floor. My father took some pride in the fact that he purchased my first real baseball glove (a Gil McDougald model, if memory serves me correctly) in that store. Ah, progress - it can be cruel at times.

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