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Ben speaks
January 11th, 2011

Here is a transcript of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's conference call with Baltimore reporters Tuesday.

Q: Did you feel the Steelers would see the Ravens in the playoffs after that last game.

A: “I didn’t feel anything except for my broken nose. (laughter) You know what? This is... I don’t know, was it two years ago we played them three times? Man, playing them two times is enough. It’s always hard-fought, it’s always a good game. So, I guess we’re giving the NFL and the fans what they want.”

Q: Do you you remember the lost time you lost to the Ravens?

A: “Yeah, I do. I don’t like losing. I remember my losses.”

Q: Why have you been so successful against the Ravens?

A: “Getting lucky. That’s all it is. I don’t think there’s any magic recipe other than I guess I’m lucky.”

Q: Is it luck or more of a pattern?

A: “I don’t think so. You know what? We’ve had some good games against each other, and I think it’s a fun, explosive rivalry.”

Q: Did breaking your nose in the last game have any effect on your performance?

A: “I have to apologize to Kelly Gregg. I blamed him for it during the game, (so) I’ll have to apologize when I see him on the field. I was giving him a hard time. But you know what? Anytime that these two teams play, the winner walks off feeling pretty good about themselves. I know that because I know some of the guys over there and I know what this rivalry means. So, like I said, it’s always a big-time game.”

Q: Do you think the hit was accidental?

A: “Oh, yeah. Yeah, even when I was joking with Kelly Gregg, I was just joking that I was going to send him the bill. It wasn’t like I was mad; no way was it on purpose. So, I didn’t feel any kind of way about it.”

Q: What did you think of John Harbaugh's tongue-in-cheek comment that he was glad you broke your nose?

A: “I didn’t hear about it until (Tuesday) when they told me that you guys might be asking me about it. (laughter) You know what? Coach Harbaugh and I have a pretty good relationship. I always talk to him before the game, just kind of a hello. He’s a Miami (Ohio) guy, so I don’t think that he really meant anything malicious by it.”

Q: Do you enjoy playing the Ravens?

A: “As a competitor, yes, you love it. But, heck no, I hate playing the Ravens because they’re so good. On defense, every single person and every scheme and everything they do, it just challenges you. I guess, like I said, as a competitor, you like that challenge and you like the competitiveness, but man, they’re good.”

Q: Do you feel like the referees are overlooking some of the hits you have taken because of your size?

A: “Yeah, I think that might be what it is. I don’t know if that is the reason, but that’s, I guess, what I’ll look at it as because I’m not going to complain or argue about it.”

Q: Does that ever frustrate you?

A: “At times, but I mean what can I do about it? I’m not going to sit there and cry and complain and gripe about it. I’m going to go out and play the game of football and just play through it.”

Q: What is it like practicing against Troy Polamalu?

A: “I don’t remember if Troy practiced (last week) or not, but it’s always an interesting time because you never know where Troy is going to be. When you take the snap, you thought he was in the middle of the field, and the next thing you know, he’s at the line of scrimmage. He’s all over the place. He kind of reminds you of a certain Ed Reed.”

Q: Was his sack and forced fumble of Joe Flacco in the Dec. 5 game the turning point of the season?

A: “Troy’s a great player. He brings a lot of energy and spark to this football team. I’m glad he’s on my team.”

Q: Do you look where Ed Reed is lined u before the play?

A: “Yeah, you’ve just to know where he is at. You’ve got to find out if he’s coming down for the run game; you’ve got to find out if he’s back in the middle of the field, what side he’s shaded to (and) who he is helping on. But the thing about it is you can’t get so caught up on Ed because then you forget about (Kelly) Gregg or (Haloti) Ngata or Ray Lewis or (Terrell) Suggs -- their whole defense. You can’t get caught up on one guy because they’re all so good.”

Q: Does the bye week give you an advantage over the Ravens?

A: “I think it helps you to get to play at home and to let some of the veteran guys we have rest. I think it’s key.”

Q: How much do you need to get out of your running game Saturday?

A: “We always want to be able to run the ball. We want to be a balanced team, so we’re going to have to come into the game blocking, running, throwing, doing everything that we can, because, like I said, this is a huge challenge for us.”