I'm on the tween-beers sober aspect of the evening, so bear with me.

1) I gave up on the Steelers around the beginning of the second quarter. Shows what I know.

2) How important are turnovers in a game? Just ask Harbaugh.

3) As much publicity that Troy had during the week, he was a fairly irrelevant factor in the game.

4) Squeez-um is a warm body as a kicker, nothing more.

5) Why does it take adversity and desperation to reveal our offensive playcalling scheme?

6) How bad is our O-line when they're pulling random players off the bench to play tackle? How good are they playing when we're winning division titles?

7) If that 4th sneak doesn't work and we lose the game, does Tomlin lose his job?

8) Is anybody (including me) concerned now about our "lack of WR depth" after Smokey's departure?

That is all