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Thread: A missed opportunity?

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    Default A missed opportunity?

    "Earlier today, Marlins OF Jeremy Hermida was traded to Boston for 2 minor league relievers. The Marlins were obviously just trying to get something for Hermida as they expressed interest in non-tendering him this off season instead of going to arbitration.

    After seeing this trade, I am not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed. I have been talking about how the Bucs should go after Hermida for months and upon seeing what was given up, I am pretty surprised that GM Neal Huntington did not try to grab him. Imagine, we probably could have gotten a 26 year old OF who was ranked the #4 prospect in baseball a couple years ago, has already put up solid numbers in the majors, and has loads of potential for very little.

    The move just made a lot of sense to me because it would be the type of acquisition Huntington would go for: a young, former top prospect, who has loads of potential, in which their team gave up on them. Delwyn Young, Andy LaRoche, Lastings Milledge, and even Garrett Jones are all players who relatively fit the same mold as Hermida.

    I really think Hermida has a solid shot at returning back to his form from 2007 and become the player scouts salivated over for years. And even if he doesn't, we would not have given up anything of value. So why not take the chance?

    A team like the Pirates simply just needs to add as much talent as possible, and there's no denying the fact Hermida has talent. I just hope that we did not just miss out on as big an opportunity as I think we did."

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    Default Re: A missed opportunity?

    I have argued the same thing with value type free agents in the past--and even this year in terms of a guy like Chad Cordero. Adding talent is always important. However, we do not know that the Pirates DIDNT try and just were out bid.
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    Default Re: A missed opportunity?

    Hermida blows....the Pirates didn't miss out on anything.

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    Default Re: A missed opportunity?

    Quote Originally Posted by PittFaninVa View Post
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    Hermida blows....the Pirates didn't miss out on anything.

    He's hit below .260 the past 2 seasons, has never hit 20 homers, below average defensively.

    Tabata is likely going to get a call up at some point this season. Jones might be at RF, maybe 1st, depending on what they plan on doing with Clement.

    Hermida would be fine as a stop gap. What's he making?

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    Default Re: A missed opportunity?

    He made something like $2.5 million this year and would be due a raise through arbitration. Not big money, but not particularly cheap either. The one thing I like about Hermida is that he's always hit fairly well outside of Florida. I think he'll play fairly well in Boston as a 4th outfielder type. He wouldn't have been the worst option out there to fill in for the time being, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over not acquiring him.

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