Not sure all will appreciate but I spent the game sitting in a plant if China waiting for a meeting. Two of my buddies eamailed me updates as I had no decent internet connection. I kept a running commentary, its rather long but may be fun to read.

Monday January 24. Sitting in the Yunnan plant while the Steelers are playing the Jets for the AFC championship. Getting emails on my Blackberry from Kip and Randy to keep me updated. My meeting for signing the FAC is scheduled for 1330, that means this morning I twiddle my thumbs for the most part and witness the Steelers vicariously.

To add insult to injury, I discovered last night that the local ESPN channel on TV in Kunming is carrying the game live !! Effing Chinese likely knew this as they saw my Steeler hat and shirt through the week last week. Cruel and devious negotiation tactics.

Update from Randy, 7-0 Steelers !!

Meanwhile as it seems all tips to china inevitably result in a case of the squirts. 0500 this morning and the call of the quick-step foisted me from bed. Emergency doses of immodium and with luck I’ll not need the facilities here at the plant. I’d rather go to the woods.

Update from Kip; Steelers stop the Jets and now have the ball.

Update from Randy; I want to have Mendenhall’s baby

This particular trip I had scheduled to be on a flight home today. The flight leaves Beijing at 1730 so I would have been in my hotel likely watching the game live in my room. Last Friday in a summary meeting with the customer they informed me they could not finalize agreements until this afternoon. Managed to bump my flight (with exorbitant fees) to Wednesday the 26th. For the record I will NOT be leaving the USA until after the Superbowl.

Studiously watching the BB for the flash indicating an update. Hope my mailbox doesn’t overflow and error out on me.

Update from Kip; Ben threw a pic. Jets ball on their 40
Okay well come on big Defense. Can only imagine the crazy reaction at the local waterhole where I watch a lot of the games. Wife doesn’t like me watching at home because I scare the dog.

We have an office here in the plant with an internet connection. It is so slow I cannot get streaming audio. One colleague is here with me and though a big fan thinks I’m nuts carrying on the running emails.

Update from Kip; Jets 3 and out

Way to go big D. I have to wonder if this is what is was like for folks back in the 1930’s where they had party lines and no radio reception. Well maybe not. Gotta love my buddies keeping me “in the game”.

Even though Kunming is well in the south of China, the plant is located in the mountains at about 2100 meters elevation. The climate is semi-tropical in that it rarely get below freezing and in the summer rarely get above the low 80’s. It is however very wet and damp most of the time. While here the temps remained in the mid to high 30’s . Since we are so “far” south there is no heat in the plant or offices. There is barely any heat in the hotel. I have not taken off my heavy coat in a week here at the plant.

Update from Randy; 10-0 Steelers
Update from Kip; Steelers settle for 3

So far so good, 10-0 I assume still in the first. The pic was no harm no foul. Big defensive effort will win this game. Time for Troy to come up with a “splash” play.

Update from Kip; Jets 3 and out

Loving it. Steelers Football, not pretty, but in your face defense. Just like the Steel curtain of old and I’m old enough to remember.

Alright, sitting here with little to do waiting for an afternoon meeting is really beginning to suck. I know the verbal agreement from last Friday will be subject to further negotiation. On top of that with the malady that manifested itself this morning I ate very little breakfast. I dare not eat any lunch at the plant cafeteria even though it is quite good food. No sense in aggravating things, always let a sleeping bowel lie.

Update from Randy; 2 min. 80 yards 17-0

Woohoo !! atta boy Ben and company. Gotta keep the heads in the game though. Despite my disdain for Rex Ryan he does have a way of rallying his team. Keep laying it on them and keep up the aggressive defense.

Update from Kip; Ben runs it in…….17-0

Yeah baby. This was the Jets biggest (Ben) nightmare. Perhaps some of the pundits had it correct when they kept saying our biggest advantage over the Jets is Roethlisberger. Of course the defense ain’t to shabby either.

Update from Randy; Defensive TD, strip the ball on the 20 and return

Holy smoke, hope that was for the Steelers. Come on guys a little more detail.

Update from Kip; Pit sacked Sanchez and he fumbled, defense scores 24-0

Now what was I just saying about the Defense !!!! I know it’s not likely but perhaps the Jets will roll over and play dead the rest of the game. Wait what quarter is it?

Update from Randy; 33 seconds left in the half
Left the hotel this morning as the Packers were leading the bears by a TD with 2:30 left in the game. Not to be looking ahead mind you but who won.

Update from Randy; Packers won
Update from Kip; Jets score FG at end of the half. 24-3

What the heck? With 33 seconds left how did the score a FG? Hope it wasn’t the **** prevent defense.

Guess the Jets drove it down the field quickly. Who gets the ball to start the second half? I think the Jets but not certain. Need more info. Need some beer as well but that’ll have to wait about 8 hours…………..shedding a tear.

Update from Randy; Jets get the ball to start the half. What scares me is this is a mirror of last weeks game vs. the ravens.

Fear not comes the word from China. Good fung shuei from the football gods.

Update from Kip; Steelers 124 rushing yards, NYJ 1.

Wow. The rushing game against the vaunted Jets defense? And of course the overrated Jets rushing offense. Seems the Steelers defense is the real deal and peaking beautifully. I did bring a terrible towel with me this trip as I planned to clutch, chew, wipe sweat from my face and swing it like an idiot in my hotel room. Keep in mind the game started at 0730 here in the far east.

Update from Randy; Jets down on their 7

Nice ! Keep it up special teams.

Update from Kip; Troy is baiting Sanchez now that he has to throw

Son of a gun, sitting here getting the whole game via email and I am still having heart palpitations. If the tenor of this game keeps up I’ll be going into my meeting this afternoon ready to head butt any who dare oppose me.

Update from Randy; Jets gained 30 yards in two plays

Guess we cannot shut them down totally but stopping them for a punt right now and hanging another score would sure take some starch out of them. Double Yoi.

Update from Randy; Holmes on 50 yd reception 24-10

Been reading everything I could find leading up to the game and somewhere it was written that Holmes would play a significant part in the game. Still a two score lead but now it is imperative that the offense answers.
Update from Randy; of course he was an a$$ about it


Really wish I could get at least enough bandwith to use espn gameday or something. The updates from the BB are quicker than the refresh on-line here.

Update from Randy; Ben throws pic on long ball Jets at the 20

Nooooo. Do not let them back in this game. Need the defense to take it back. That’s two turnovers to one. Indeed looking too much like a mirror of last week. Man it felt so much better with a 3 TD lead. Not that I can effect the game when I am watching it on TV, but this is killing me not being able to scream at them. Of course my liver is thanking the situation.

Time to think tough smack in the mouth defense. Take Sanchez to the wood shed for a good old fashion beat down. What is HAPPENING ! Come on updates. An entire new definition of the word anticipation is being squeezed from my brain. With the longer interims between updates I sense nothing good is happening.

Update from Randy; Jets just killed us for 25 yard loss. Still up by 14. Jets ball on the 20

Well definitely missed a possession or two there. And as I suspected no good news was forthcoming. Must be mid way through the 3rd. Defense needs to make a stop and we need another TD to ice it. No pun intended.

Update from Kip; 50 sec left in the third.

Now comes crunch time. The steelers gave up several 4th quarter leads this year including to the Jets if I recall. Dick Lebeau needs to dial up some magic. Come on Troy and company.

Update from Randy; end of the 3rd.

It’s 10:12 a.m. here and I have read over the documents for the meeting between emails and ponderances on the game. Somehow I have to contain myself for the upcoming meeting even though my blood pressure is thrumming along at high cadence.

More long silence. The jets had the ball at the last update. Somehow this is not boding well. I was hoping there was a comfortable victory in the making but I guess the Jets did not get here by being a poor team. All the “experts” were calling for a 3 point game (as well as the bookies). No conspiracy thoughts only considering that bookies don’t lose money. Man this a a tough way for a lunatic lifelong Steeler fan to endure a game let alone the AFC Championship.

Looking toward the end of today and being rather anxious to get on the plane to Beijing in the morning, a little pray may be in order. Please oh spirit of Cope, banish these fowl new york jets to another off season of wishful thinking. Lead the illustrious Back and Gold once again to the promised land of the Rings. Sure would make my long trip home happier.

Update from Randy; Stopped the jets 4th and goal from the one.
Update from Kip; 7:44 left in the game
Update from Randy; we give up a safety on a fumble

Ok 24-12 last half of the fourth and the Jets get the ball back. Where the heck is the offense? As soon as I read the 4th and goal stop on the one I had a bad feeling. Defense has been winning games all year. Dance with who brung ya. Still takes two TD’s to take the lead and surely Ben can manufacture another for the good guys.

Update from Kip; New center and Ben on the exchange.

Pouncey hurt ? that is NOT good news. Hope for just a ding and he gets back in there. The Steelers have yet to score this half, never a good sign. If the offenses cannot at least keep the Jets off the field to give the defense a rest we could be in trouble.

Update from Randy; Jets TD, 5 point game, 3 minutes left.

Hold on to your jock straps it’s going to the wire. Need an offensive drive BEN !! 24-19………..thank you Mr. Obvious.

Hate to think it but if the Jets score another TD we are still within a field goal of winning. God let’s hope the Steelers can muster a drive and eat the clock if they don’t score. Hell even a field goal makes an 8 point lead. Be still my heart. Come on updates.

10:44 a.m. I am literally squirming in my chair and not due to the Chinese quick step from this morning, thank you pharmaceuticals. It has been too long for an update, 3 football minutes are ticking away. Again this can mean nothing good.

Update from Randy; 3rd and 5 Steelers ball just out of FG range 2 minute warning.

COME ON BEN !! Pick up the 1st down, eat some clock, get the FG and ice it.

Update from Randy; 1st down inside the 30 1:33 left.
Update from Kip; Steelers Win !!!!!

Whew. Without ever seeing the game it was really exciting. Thanks to my buddies for keeping me in the game, my imagination is running wild with what must be going on in the “Burgh. I have absolutely no plans to return to China before the Superbowl. Even if some pending items come up I will do my level best to delay and impede any travel before seeing the Steelers get a crack at their 7th Lombardi Trophy.