Just a couple of observations about the end of the game through the benefit of sobriety and the DVR.

When the Steelers line up for the 3rd & 6 play, empty back field, 5 receiver set, I don’t think the jets could believe it (Heck, even in my state of mind I did a double take…). They looked confused….even Simms said “well they could be running a QB draw.”

That was some of the most action I’ve seen in kneel downs to end a game. bart scott trying to do a Troy imitation jumping over the line (failed miserably), jason taylor coming hard and jawing with Scott and Miller after every play….I wish someone would have been mic’d up, very entertaining for sure.

Clark and Foster doing their “fly boy” imitation as their running of the field….

And after steve taskers interview with ryan (ryan choked out insincere “great team” reference to the Steelers, but that was it) Cowher said this “No matter what you think of rex ryan he says what he thinks, he’s a very respectful guy and his guys love playing for him.”…….. Very respectful guy…..really? Com’ on bill WTF.