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Thread: 'Burgh natives revel in Steelers' success

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    Default 'Burgh natives revel in Steelers' success

    'Burgh natives revel in Steelers' success
    Friday, January 28, 2011

    Chuck Greenberg is an old hand at attending Super Bowls. He was in the stands when the Steelers won Super Bowl XIII in Miami, Super Bowl XL in Detroit and Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa.

    But this year will be different.

    [IMGR][/IMGR]"It will be the most convenient housing I've ever had for a Super Bowl," the former Pittsburgh attorney said, laughing into his cell phone as he drove through the Dallas suburbs.

    Greenberg and fellow famous Pittsburgh transplant Mark Cuban have special reason to look forward to Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6, when the Steelers play the Green Bay Packers in Arlington, Texas.

    "If the Steelers weren't playing, I would stay at home," Cuban, the billionaire Mt. Lebanon native who owns the Dallas Mavericks, said via e-mail. "I've been to multiple Super Bowls, and being at the game just drags and drags unless you have a passion for one of the teams.

    "In this case, I have my high school buddies coming down, my family. It's going to be a relocation of the South Hills (to) Dallas."

    Greenberg leads the group that owns the Texas Rangers. After buying the Major League Baseball team this past summer, he and his family moved from Upper St. Clair to Westlake, Texas.

    Cowboys Stadium is about a half-hour drive from Greenberg's house, and he was quick to point out that the Super Bowl venue sits "about 300 yards from the home of the American League champion Texas Rangers."

    Because it's so close, Greenberg was planning on going to the Super Bowl. Having the Steelers in town is a bonus, but it also means a lot more friends and family want to tag along.

    "I'm doing what a lot of people are doing, which is trying to get my hands on as many tickets as possible," Greenberg said. "As happened with the World Series, I'm hearing from a lot of people I haven't heard from in a long time."

    Over the past few months, Greenberg has had impeccable timing. He bought the Rangers, and they advanced to the World Series. He moved to Dallas, and the Steelers are paying a Super Bowl visit.

    "Now, all I need is for the Penguins to play the (Dallas) Stars in the Stanley Cup finals, and I'll hit for the cycle," said Greenberg, who is close friends with Penguins owner Mario Lemieux.

    [IMGL][/IMGL]Cuban, who has attempted unsuccessfully to purchase the Pirates, will revel in his Pittsburgh roots on Super Bowl Sunday. He moved to Dallas in 1982 and made his money during the dot-com boom before purchasing the NBA franchise in 2000.

    He said it's not difficult being a Steelers fan in Cowboys country.

    "The good news is, the Cowboys are in the NFC, so we don't have to bump heads very often," Cuban wrote. "So, it's typically not a problem. But when the Steelers play the Cowboys, there are always a few uncomfortable moments."

    Greenberg has attended a few Cowboys games as the guest of team owner Jerry Jones. But no one ever doubts where Greenberg's football allegiance lies.

    "Everybody knows I'm from Pittsburgh and that I'm a Steelers fan," Greenberg said. "Obviously, the rivalry between the Steelers and the Cowboys runs hot. Fortunately, most people are happy about how things are going with the Rangers, so they forgive me."
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    Default Re: 'Burgh natives revel in Steelers' success

    I would love to go to Dallas to watch this game. Too bad my millions are are tied up in a trust fund til I am 90
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