Timmons, Woodley, and Mendenhall ranked a little low... Ben #1.

"Ranking the Super Bowl rosters is never easy, especially when it comes to selecting the No. 1 player.

Last year, it wasn't difficult to put Peyton Manning right at the top. This year, there could be a great debate between Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers as the better quarterback. And it could be argued that they don't even belong in the No. 1 and No. 2 spots overall with the wealth of defensive talent in this game.

This matchup is loaded with star power and I think it is pretty clear that these are the two top defenses in football. Of course, this list will create a stir, and feel free to blast me for it. But below, I will justify why I have every player where I do -- although those guys at the caboose of this train are awfully difficult to really get a bead on considering how little they have played. My apologies to them and their families.

Also remember, the Packers have 15 players on injured reserve and have been crushed by injuries this season, so several of these young men would not be a part of this team in a typical season. Here we go...."