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Thread: Casey Hampton

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    Default Casey Hampton

    It's amazing how Hampton can seemingly "turn it on" at times during games. I remember the Pats game a couple years ago where he was called for defensive holding. That ****ed him off. The next play I believe was a sack by Hampton as he obliterated whoever was blocking him (Why the hell doesn't he play like that all the time? Oh well, he's still great.).

    Hampton had a great game against the Jets. The reason? He's going back to Texas. He almost sacked Sanchez on 3 separate occasions and made Mangold his ***** throughout the game.

    Let's hope he has another game like that one this Sunday. That can only be a good thing.

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    Default Re: Casey Hampton

    I love a ****ed off Casey Hampton. He made Mangold look weak in that Jets game.

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