Steelers Moving to Undisclosed Location Before Super Bowl

Updated: Feb 04, 2011 11:21 PM MST

Coach Mike Tomlin said he'll move his team to an undisclosed location Saturday night. That's normal for them, and they're not going to mess with success.

And they are familiar with success. There are 14 guys on the roster who've played on Pittsburgh's last two Super Bowl-winning teams.

But they do have 26 who weren't on either of those two teams.

"You ask about the feelings and emotions, it probably depends on who you ask," Coach Tomlin said. "I would imagine that Hines (Ward)'s perspective on this is probably different than Antonio Brown's. So I'll keep an eye on all the guys and provide them with whatever it is they need so they can stay on an emotional keel, an even keel, and be prepared to play."

And what of the coach?

"Oh shoot, you know, I'm a robot. I'm just gonna ride the wave," Tomlin grinned.