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Thread: Still some years left for the 2nd Steelers Dynasty to brew.

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    Default Still some years left for the 2nd Steelers Dynasty to brew.

    Well, I was hoping to wind down after the game, but I cant seem to shake this thought.

    I think the Steelers still have time to hit dynasty status. In my opinion there were 4 dynasties in the NFL. The Steelers of the 70 winning 4 in 6 years, the Niners of the 80's winning 4 from 82 to 90 (9 seasons), the Cowboys of the early 90's winning 3 in 5 years (one of those against the Steelers ), and the Patriots of the 00's winning 3 of 4 (2 of those knocking out the Steelers ) from 01 to 07.

    Then there's the Raiders from 77 to 84 pulling out 3 Superbowls in 8 years, and the Redskins winning 3 of 4 Superbowls in a 10 year stretch I believe. They hover on being close to dynasties.

    The Steelers yesterday had a shot to be in this league by winning 3 in 6 years. Now that isn't going to happen, there still is a shot to do what the niners under Montana and the Broncos under Elway did. Win back-to-back in the later parts of their careers. Granted, it's gotta happen within a 5 to 6 year window. During that time, it's tough to say how many currently on the defense can still hold up, since i'm guessing many of them are at the tail ends of their career. But, one thing the Steelers do well is replace their parts on defense fairly well. Do I think Ben has the capabilities to take this team back to 2 more Superbowls in 6 more years. Yes, I do. The Offense I think will gel over the next few years, and it is quite young. They could have won last night, to continue the dynasty..but it's on hold. Ben, and this young offense has not peaked, yet.

    It's all on keeping the defense competitive in a league where a solid pass attack rules the day. The Steelers defense in 08 was good at shutting down the run, and the pass. Over the last two years though, the defense against the pass has lost a step. However, if they can get Taylor signed, get some good corners in the draft, and get a little young rock on the defensive line I think the team has a chance to remain competetively defensively in the next few years.

    But, one thing I think will definitely happen is the offense will be there as one of the better offensive teams in the league in the coming years.

    Those Packtardians in Wesconsin are already talking about a Packers dynasty... So, hopefully there are a few more Packer-Steelers SB's in the future. Next time, the Steelers will get em'.


    As a side note. I can't keep shaking the what if. They were trying to use Wallace as a repeat of Holmes last night, and that wasn't working.. If Ben throws to Heath on 4th down who was wide open, we win.. Heath takes that down the pipes. That's the biggest woulda coulda shoulda though.
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