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Thread: my super bowl experience

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    Default my super bowl experience

    As promised this is my own person SB experience [long].
    What follows is a personal narrative first hand accout of my buddy and I's experience of going to Super bowl 45 in Dallas, Texans between the
    packers and the steelers. It happened on February 6th 2011 and the details provided are as provided as best as I can remember them:

    We got to the Six flags parking lot which is about 1.5 miles from the stadium at about
    noon CT. We got on one of the passenger school buses and were bussed to the stadium at about 12:30. Officials for the most part were separating the steelers fans from the packers fans by the busses. Our buss driver literally did not know where they were going. We had to talk the driver into letting us get off the bus and walking
    instead of being stuck in traffice. I should have known then we were in for a long day -).

    We got off the buss. We walked a 1/4 of a mile or so and then started to ask some people in the red "safe" coats (stadium personnel) if this end of the stadium was the correct place for us to enter based on our particular ticket and we were told it was.
    I had been to the pro bowl in Miami in Janurary 2010 and the entrance was very similar looking so I felt pretty comfortable at this point.
    We started taking pictures of the stadium and various things outside of it and we
    gradually found ourselves walking to find a place to enter the compound.

    After walking for about 1/4 of a mile around the side of the stadium we found a place
    that seemed like an entrance and drank the last of our liquids. Then we waited.
    They were supposed to open the security gates at 1:00 PM CT based on what our tickets said, but they did not start to allow people past the security line which was at this point many many people in front of us until about 1:30 CT.
    Finally the crowd started moving and we then wound through about 10-15 lines of
    switchbacks mostly like being at a roller coaster ride and into two lines by
    gender to be frisked by security guards. The anticipation of getting into the Super
    bowl was just about to happen. This was for both me and my buddy our very first one
    and probably a once in a lifetime experience. We made it through the frisking safely
    and then took out all of our cell phones, headphones, keys, wallet, portable TV's etc
    as we went through the metal detector airport like screening for what we thought was the last step before getting our tix scanned. We made it through the metal detector and were then set to get our ticket scanned. Just about everyone who had a ticket to the game was wearing their ticket in a plastic holder which was hanging around their neck so it was pretty easy to see where other people were seated. I mention this now cause later this becomes more a part of the story.

    We then got in line to have our ticket scanned. To our horror instead of a nice little
    green light showing up and a nice sounding beep the ticket taker device showed a red light and the hand held ticket reader said 'refunded'. At that point my heart skipped
    at least 3 beats I think and I started to think of the horror that might come next
    and how all the planning and traveling and coordination of the last 2 weeks might
    all go to pot.
    I found my buddy who was in a line beside me and he was also in the same boat.
    We asked the surprised "safe" ticket takers what we should do and they
    said we don't know. One of them said stand here and do not go anywhere and some guy ran off to try and find someone that knew what was going on. In time we came
    to find out that a lot of people were having a similar problem with their tickets.
    Minor relief at least for a few seconds I guess.

    After 5 minutes or so the ticket taker came back and told us to wait there again
    while he went and got the "supervisor" this time. I thought no problem he'll be back
    in a few minutes and we'll be into stadium in 5 mintes. Boy was I wrong it was about 1:45 CT at this point. We waited and waited about 10 minutes. By this time there were 10-15 other people who were told to wait too so we all started to talk to each other and noticed that a lot of us based on our tickets were in either temporary seating based on our section numbers in the stadium (end zone seating) or some of us had SRO on our tickets which meant Standing room only. I knew from talking to ticket brokers and from researching the whole stadium seating on the internet
    that the NFL sold only about 300 SRO tickets (either NE, SE, NW, SW ) to people to stand in the stairwells 15 people in each of 5 different levels and
    in each of the 4 corners of the stadium and I figured the seats where we were
    were not part of any temporary seating areas so I was a bit baffled as to why
    people with SRO on their tickets were having the issue too. I woudn't think those
    areas were part of the temporary seats. I still intend the write the NFL about this
    and would like an explanation as to why we in the SRO sections had our tickets say refunded.

    SO back to the story..we waited probably 10 minutes and by that time about
    30-40 other people with similar tix problems had joined our group. Some we found at
    at the point were season tix holders from both the packers and steelers who had purchased their tix directly from the team in their team lottery for season tix holders.
    I had struck up some conversations with a couple of guys on the bus over to the
    stadium and a couple of people I recognized from the bus trip.
    That shocked me that this was happening to season ticket holders
    and actually made me feel more comfortable because I figured there was probably just a problem with the ticket readers since these temporary seats were not normally accounted for during a regular season cowboys NFL game.

    We were told to follow one of the people in the red plastic jackets "safe" personnel
    to the far right of the security tent over to the employee area. As we went to the right side
    of the all the security gates The "ticket problem" group increased in number \
    cause they had told all the people coming into the stadium in any of the 5-6 gates
    with the same "ticket problem" to wait there so as the group walked to
    the far right (as your're looking at the gates from the outside) of the "E" gates we gained more people.
    After some confusion, many people were asking others in "red" coats what we should do and literally no one could give us a straight answer. Eventually we were told anyone with a ticket problem we had to go back to parking lot A. But this meant
    we had to go out across the mass of crowd of people who were without
    ticket problems but were just trying to get into the huge cattle carral
    that we had already been through. So this presented some
    problems cause as we went past the mass of crowd coming from our left across us it was hard to identify who was a member of the "ticket problem"
    group at that point. We were told to go back across the bridge to parking lot A
    and that someone there would be able to help us. No one from the security gate
    escorted us or anything we were just told to venture out on our own and to hold
    onto to our ticket! Now going back out past security was not a good feeling to me
    and I started to wonder if they were sending us on a wild goose chance.
    I was beginning to think this might be a bad situation, but the only thing we
    could do was follow the crowd. So after climbing over a fence and walking through a
    very muddy area we walked over a bridge to parking lot A
    where they had a fenced in area with a small tented structure in the front.
    We all got into lines and everyone was in a pretty decent mood.
    People who were just arriving at the stadium started to come into this area
    too only to be shewed away by the "problem ticket" people, but of course the
    NFL had no one formally at the gateway into this gated area so it was really mass chaos.
    After 15 minutes or so of waiting One guy who looked like he was in charge came
    into the tent at the front of the crowd and began to speak to the crowd. What was a
    structured set of 4 lines of 50 people or so each soon became a mass
    rush of about 300-400 people trying to get to the front of the crowd
    to hear what this guy was saying. It would have been much better if he would
    have used a megaphone of the police mobile unit that had gathered in this area, but
    it took this person literally about 5 minutes to figure out that this might
    be a better option. Even after several members of the crowd were shouting out this option.
    I should also mention at this point people were starting
    to become a little irratable and on their cellphones trying to figure out what to do next.
    The guy I think who was from the NFL in a suit came and told us that he
    was "sorry for the inconvenience that the fire marshall had deemed some of the seats
    in the stadium unusable and that they were hoping (operative word here) to get the
    situation worked out. He also said for our trouble that we all would be given $10
    in credit for food in the plaza outside the stadium while we waited -- which btw to make a long story short never happened.
    Thanks a lot NFL. It got worse.
    We were told to go to gate E1 where we were told we could easily bypass security
    to a holding area. I thought cool now they they'll be treating us just like employees
    like the "safe" red jacket folks and we'll be given special treatment so at this
    point I was not too worried. Well again I was wrong. We all had to go back through
    security again granted we were able to bypass the main
    crowd and long lines to get past security which by this time 2:15 PM CT or so was longer then when we first went into the security line. This again which was a royal pain and since there was no official escorting our group. Other people who were in no way affliated with our "ticket problem", but who did have "plaza" level tickets only meaning the could not get into the stadium but did have access to the area outside the stadium started to walk into the holding area with us as well.

    In fact it was very hard to keep track of who had problems with the tickets
    and who was just there as a normal fan who had not yet gotten their ticket scanned. But we did our best to keep together with us with a small group of "ticket problem" folks even if they were wearing cheese heads -).

    After we got through security a 2nd time we were routed
    into a holding area that was near the entrance to the official "party plaza' however
    we did not have official tix to the party plaza so that "safe" person in the red jacket
    was very confused as to why the "ticket problem" people were going to or at least told to go that area and he would not let us through. This lead to a very heated confrontation which was only the beginning of many to follow. He would not allow us into the party plaza and almost got into some fights with some of our group who by that time were starting to become quite irrate and were asking for the free $10 of credit for food that we had been promised earlier by the guy in parking lot A.

    They had no explanation as to where we should go and since we had no official escort
    from parking lot A to this area there was more confusion.
    After about 15 minutes of more hasseling and the attendant telling us to back up against the wall they let us all into another holding area that was really a pregame party area for some kind of NFL event but was filled with tables, chairs and some tents where you could at least by food and sit down. SOmeone asked what we should do next and no one could tell us. We asked where the restrooms were and were told they were none.
    At that point I become aware of more "ticket problem" people in our group starting to
    contact various media outlets, radio and TV stations. I thought at that point I wonder what would have happened if all this happened during the non-internet age of no cell phones and no social networks.
    I believe by this time there were some media camera amoungst us and some people were voicing their frustrations on camera. Again at this point all we knew was that that was some seating problem with temporary seats that the fire marshall had decreed but they were trying to resolve it.

    Eventually some fans had found a hospitality trailer off to the side where several "safe" people allowed us to exit from the plaza and stand in
    line to use 1 of 2 portable potties. I told my buddy to wait back in the plaza area
    near where we went when we first got to that area. About 5 minutes later
    which seemed like an eternity when you have to use the john like I did ...-)

    my cell rang and I was told by my buddy that the crowd was moving somewhere
    else and that someone offcial had come out amoungst the crowd with some info
    so I immediately but reluctanly left my place in the porta pottey line
    and ran back to the plaza 100 yards or so to the area where the crowd was.

    I estimate we had been in the plaza area for about 45 minutes at that point.

    Someone with a headset had come out and started handing out some white pieces of paper with words typed on them that made my stomach turn when I read what it said. has a JPEG image of what the paper said. Long and short of it was that we were told we were not going to be admitted to the SB and that the NFL would give us 3 times the face value of the tix. We should just hang onto our tix and contact the NFL later. The value of this to many people was worthless because many people paid 8-10 time the amount and higher than the face value on the tix in purchasing the tickets they had around their necks.
    Not to mention the additional amount of money they had spent literally thousands
    of additional dollars for travel and hotels to get to the superbowl.

    The crowd become even more irrate upon reading this news. Rumors started flying quickly and various people in the crowd again started calling others on their cell phones. I found out that some folks in our group were in a situation where one
    family member got into the stadium but another member directly beside them in
    same section and row did not. After assessing the situation based on this
    white piece of paper and watching the reaction of the guy who was passing these
    things out. I quickly told as many people as possible that this was the NFL's
    attempt to weed out the "weak" people and that we should stand our ground because
    everyone there wanted to get into the game to see it.
    In a light moment someone in the crowd after I hollered for the crowd to be quiet
    so that we could hear mr. "soft mouthed" offical person speak said to me "man you
    must be a lawyer". I just smiled.

    In the midst of all this one fellow on a cell phone near me literally
    announced to the crowd that he had just purchased the internet
    domain which I mentioned above and that anyone
    who wanted to could register their info with this site and that he'd be filing a lawsuit
    against the NFL. Another person from what he told me called the web company that he owned and within a short amount of time (10 min or so) they put up a web form on that website to do just as I mention above.
    Others in the crowd started telling everyone they knew via their internet devices/phones etc about this site and from what I heard within 30 min or so the site had over 10K hits on the web server.
    Of course all this info came from loud shouts in the crowd but I did talk directly to the fellow whose company put up the website at

    Others in the crowd started calling back to pittsburgh to channel 4 and
    KDKA and to the radio station WDVE the steelers flagship radio station and
    other media outlets.

    One other person called their ticket broker in order to try and land 2 other tix
    in a different part of the stadium, and I'm thinking to myself why would any ticket
    broker want a $350 seat that's already going for over $2000 on the street just so they
    can get 3 times face falue (based on that little while piece of paper) which is barely over $1K? It was a really bad scene.

    The guy who was disseminating the white pieces of paper hardly had a booming voice at all and there was not anything like a megaphone to get the info out to the mass of people just the little while slips of paper which many people were ripping up and throwing into the air. In addition I should mention the little offer was not printed on
    any official letter head paper and the paper did not have any kind of official seal
    on the paper. To me it looked like someone had just fired up their PC and printed
    off 200 copies of something they just typed up in MS word. Who was to say that it wasn't some scam done by someone with access to a printer and software who was within our group. At that point it was hard to trust anyone and I was very suspect of the entire situation.

    After about 30 minutes of this one guy who had a ticket problem started
    to get the idea that he was going to rush the gate. He was very vocal and of course
    had started to gather a crowd in the neighborhood of 50-100 people to do the same.

    Not a smart thing to do seeing as though there were snipers at the top of the stadium
    and security all around inside the gate, but we followed the crowd albeit in the
    back to see what would happen. The crowd ran up toward the fence closet
    to the stadium and started chanting "jerry sucks" and other vulgar things many
    of which I have since seen on the internet and read about at various web sites.
    I'm sure the internet is filled with many pictures of the people at this gate.
    During this time I finally had a chance to go and actually use this time the porta pottie.

    More waiting ensued and at one point we noticed on the NFL network pregame
    video broadcast within this large hospitality area on the large screen
    that there was a headline about "temporary seating problems"
    and so the entire crowd who wasn't rushing the gate started cheering. I guess
    we found some hope in at least someone outside in the real world knew what our issue was.

    During this mess at some point, one fellow told me that the tix issue
    we all had encountered was caused by a software malfunction in the ticket office
    of the stadium. This was after we had heard from the nfl official about a fire marshall
    problem as well. IN fact we really did not know who to believe.

    So most of the crowd stood near the gate and kept chanting and others toward the back started to back off. By this time the sun was starting to go down and the shadow of the stadium kept us mostly in the shade.

    Luckily I thought it was not snowing or raining. I was walking around near the back
    of the crowd when I noticed 2 big men in suits. After asking them if they worked for
    the NFL they said they did and I noticed NFL security badges on them. I also knew
    that the NFL employs a lot of former secret service agents as part
    of their security team so I figured they might know the best as to what was going on. One guy told me with a very straight face that the NFL had a big problem cause
    the fire marshall had made the assessment that some temporary seats in the stadium
    were not usable and that these seats were in the pepsi cola end zone of the stadium
    He mentioned some particular sections a 3 digit number I believe it was 450 - 452
    (but I could be remembering these numbers wrongly) I asked him if those section
    were the only area in the stadium where the problem had been noticed
    and he said yes and that the NFL was working on the issue.
    I then showed him other people in the "problem ticket" crowd who had ticket problems
    but whose tickets based on their section number were no where near the problem
    area that he had just told me about and I asked him why these people were in the same predicament not to mention people like me who had SRO tickets in the stairwells. He had no explanation and was left speachless.

    Both him and his partner started speaking into their headsets and trying to
    figure out how they could leave the area. I literally heard him say
    into his headset "we need to get out of here".

    I suspect they were starting to be concerned about the crowd at that point cause 20-40 people had noticed these 2 guys in the back of the area where everyone else was chanting at the fence and those people had started to come toward where I was standing. I then started to tell anyone I could about what the NFL security person had told me. I must have repeated the story about 10 times within the next 5 minutes.

    After this we then waited probably another 3o minutes not knowing what to do. I talked to one female medical person who I thought was an NFL employee and her main concern was that there were no medical people in that area where there were 400+ people. So she was on her microphone calling for medical backup. I remember thinking how unorganized the entire mess was. No one really stepped up to take charge and no one appeared with a megaphone to clearly explain the situation.

    Finally someone in a suit who worked for the NFL came out from the crowd.
    Where he came from I do not know but he said that the NFL is aware of the problem and that they would were doing their best to get us into the stadium "before" kickoff. So keep in mind it was still about 3:40 ct at this point and this was after that other person had come out and passed out the little white slips of paper that told us that we were not allowed to get into the stadium but that we'd get 3 times the face value of our ticket.
    Its not too hard for the reader of this to see how confused the entire crowd was at this point.

    We waited probably another 30 minutes and then someone else from the NFL came out
    and told us that by 4:30 they would get us into the stadium and that we would
    be given our original seats or even better seats. The entire crowd started clapping and cheering upon hearing this news.

    So at about 4:10 CT or so they opened the gate and there was much rejoicing and we were told to go into the stadium and that "safe" persons in the red coats standing inside would tell us where to go next. I thought well we had heard that line before and we really did not know what to think.

    At that point when they opened the gate we who had been standing outside now for
    over 4 hours were so excited to just get into the stadium that we did not really
    have anytime to "enjoy" the atmostphere on the party plaza.
    Also When we got into the stadium immediately we lost contact with the "ticket problem" people so you heard many shouts of "are you in the
    ticket problem group" and such lines like that. Again no one was escorting our
    group or had identified us as any different than any other ticket holder at that point
    or told us where to go or who to speak with.

    We in the ticket problem group were told via the grapevine after wondering what to do for a minute or so to go to the right inside the stadium until we came to the glass
    double doors. Again not ever having been in the stadium in my life I had no clue where
    the double glass doors were. I must admit that at that point my buddy and I were
    just happy to be inside. It was very very crowded and literally
    it took about 5 minutes to get across a space of 50 feet due to lots of people.
    I think I could have lifted my feet off the ground and would not have fallen you felt like
    sardines in a can. After much pushing and maneuvering We finally got to the glass doors which I realized at that point were probably the entry point into the club section of the sidelines of the stadium so this helped me get some bearing of where in the stadium we were. At first the "safe" security person in the red coat would not let us into that area. So we again for about the 20th time told that "safe" person our
    "ticket problem" story about how we were part of the "problem ticket" group and
    luckily for us about 8 others who we did not know were part of our group spoke up and so we had about 10 of us at that point. They pointed us to a person who was the "manager" of the red coated "safe" people and we went through the glass doors thinking we had finally found the person who could help us. Keep in mind
    that all the while we had been told that our seats were not usable and that we
    had to go somewhere else inside to see the game so we thought we were not able to go to our seats. Again at this point we were thinking we finally have found a person who could help us.

    It turned out that this person did not have a head phone set and so they had to search for someone who did have one on who could help us. All the while we were becoming more frustrated and really just wanted to get to our seats. One person who came by us in a "safe" red coat was a customer sales ticket person but it seemed they were escorting a VIP to his seat.
    (irrelevant Side note I swear that the VIP being escorted was D. Mutumbo former or possibly current NBA player)

    Anyway that red coated "safe" person could not help us.
    I really don't think the 'safe' red coated stadium inside crew had any idea that
    there was a problem so they told us to go back outside the stadium to a ticket window outside the stadium toward gate A and that someone from the NFL could help us there.

    Sorry but the words "going outside the stadium" were a major red flag to me and my buddy so at that point we just said forget it we were going to try go directly to our seats. So we did. We went back through the mass of people
    in the stadium concourse and from noticing where we were in relation to the field
    which I could see bits and pieces of the field as we walked past various openings I could tell we were walking along the 2nd level concourse. From there I could tell we at least were in the correct end zone the steelers end zone. We found what I thought was our area and walked up to the level we were on which was the 3rd level. At that point we found our area and from that point on everything was perfect.

    That was area was the area I expected that we would be watching the game from.
    Looking directly down the steelers sideline and directly above where Wallace
    caught his TD pass.

    To reiterate We had a great view directly up from where bradshaw was doing the pregame and directly above the tunnel where all the halftime entertainment people were entering exiting. We were actually in a very special area mostly occupied by only team employees or people who knew someone in the packers or steelers ticket offices or who had a connection with the NFL or was an NFL employee themselves.
    (The area was actually a roped off SRO area where only about 15-20 tickets for that each level been sold). We also had a very nice security guy kicking out others who wanted to come into our area and take pictures. It was quite nice and
    a much closer view of the field than everyone who was in the upper deck of the stadium and even the people in the 3rd deck who were behind us in the end zones. We even had a little shelf to put food and our stuff on and to lean against during the entire game and no one was in front of us. Just that big huge HD TV screen in the middle of the field as we had the end zone view ofit.

    After thinking about this whole situation for 5 days now. I hope the NFL takes a
    very very long look at what caused all of this mess so that it is not repeated.
    For them not to be ready for a situation like this really makes the NFL look bad
    in my opinion. I am glad they are helping some folks who really were not able to sit
    in their assigned seats for the super bowl, but I really don't think they can do
    enough unless they fork over a tremendous amount of money and free tix to the next SB for these folks. It was without a doubt the most miserable experience I have ever had at a major sporting event and I've been to multiple NFL games over the last 15-20 years in many different cities and also to several college basketball final fours as well.
    Nothing even comes close to the mess that happened in Dallas this past sunday
    Especially the way we as fans were so rudely treated. I hope that there is a major
    lawsuit filed against the NFL by the people who were mistreated.

    For an organization that prides itself in catoring and helping the fan the NFL struck out
    big time in my mind. My opinion of the NFL as a whole has taken a sharp turn downward.
    I sincerely hope that the hundreds of season ticket holders from both the steelers
    and the packers who bought their tickets from the organizations and who spent
    many thousands of dollars on travel and lodging to get to the stadium get more than they deserve in terms of a monetary compensation from the NFL. The NFL flat
    out treated their fans incredibly bad through this entire situation. Imagine if we
    had taken the bait and wimped out and had gotten a measily 3 times the face value
    of our tickets. we would have still lost $.

    Me and my buddy were very lucky to get to our designated seats once we
    got into the stadium, but because of all the hassle with tickets before hand
    we were worn out emotionally and physically and all the planned pictures
    and pregame festivities of a huge game like this, all the fox pregame show stuff
    we could have watched and been a witness of, and all the other watching and visiting at a venue like this did not happen.

    The NFL has no one to blame but themselves for such a pitiful way of handling the entire situation. It just goes to show you what happens when an organization like the NFL tries to
    make more $ from a situation in the they end up losing a TON more $$.

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    Wow is that messed up. Very interesting read. We heard about this from twitter and were floored that they were planning on just giving a refund face value and then we heard triple value and still thought that sounded like a joke. I am surprised people didnt get hurt in an altercation. You know the problem is the stadium is just too **** big. Scary stuff can happen with that many people in one place. It's not the last story about this place.

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Sounds like that was quite the cluster ****.I;m glad you got to see the game. A guy who works where I do is a season ticket holder,he drove to Dallas,he got his tickets through the team like you,and like you he was also one of the 400. I saw him yesterday,but didn't get a chance to ask him about his experience.
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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Thanks for sharing, what a ****ing shame! It's amazing that the NFL, jerry jones & all involved had so much time to prepare for this game......sounds to me like poor planning brought on by an attitude of caring less about details and the fans......hope the NFL and jones have to pay through the nose.......
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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Totally sucks. Thanks for posting your experience. I could feel your pain as I was reading it. I hope the NFL ends up having to pay bigtime for this. Unfortunately they probably wont.

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    That was a good read, 0710.... I had heard numerous stories being conveyed on Sirius NFL Radio, but this was much more in-depth... It's a shame that the experience was that poor...

    ... Thanx for sharing it with us, and sorry that you had a "less than adequate" time.....
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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Dude I ate a 12" Subway sub and a bag of chips while reading this.... and still there was more to read!!!

    The NFL is better than that. This reeks of Jerry Jones trying to set a Super Bowl attendance record. Biggest stadium, biggest crowd... little penis!!!

    I hope you all get something big out of this. !!!

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Quote Originally Posted by (419)BlackNGold View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Dude I ate a 12" Subway sub and a bag of chips while reading this.... and still there was more to read!!!


    I hope you all get something big out of this. !!!
    Me too I'll keep you all posted. The lawyer for the lawsuit is aware of this writeup.
    There are 3 separate groups of SB ticket holders being represented. See
    the 17 page PDF is quite interesting to read.
    419BNGold you are making me laugh.

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    ... Can you set any sort of specifications, or are you at the result of the collective suit?....
    "You only have one life, and you will not get out alive. Make the most of your time and have no regrets." - Me.

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Super Bowl Ticket Class Action
    Fans v. National Football League, et al.About The Case
    NFL Offers
    Contact Eagan Avenatti

    What is this lawsuit about?

    Lawsuit Claims Fraud on Displaced Fans and Cowboys Stadium “Founders”

    Eagan Avenatti, LLP, a law firm specializing in consumer rights, filed a class action lawsuit on February 8, 2011 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, alleging breach of contract, fraud and deceptive sales practices by Jerry Jones, the National Football League, the Dallas Cowboys Football Club and other defendants in connection with Super Bowl XLV held last Sunday in Arlington, Texas.

    The complaint, which seeks compensatory damages of over $5 Million, claims that the unlawful acts of Jones, the NFL and the Cowboys resulted in approximately 400 fans who purchased tickets and traveled to the game being denied a seat, despite having spent thousands of dollars in tickets and travel expenses to attend the Super Bowl. In addition, over 2,400 ticket holders were unreasonably delayed, relocated or completely displaced from their seats as a result of the incomplete installation of temporary seats, which were deemed unsafe and unusable. The complaint also alleges that Jones, the NFL and the Cowboys deceived Cowboys season ticket holders known as the “Founders” into paying $1,200 a seat for Super Bowl tickets that turned out to be temporary seats with obstructed views.

    “You don’t have to own the Cowboys or run the NFL to know that you cannot lawfully treat people like this,” stated lead attorney Michael Avenatti. “At an absolute minimum, Jones, the Cowboys and the NFL need to accept full responsibility and reimburse fans one hundred percent for their expenses and damages. Anything short of that is a slap in the face to the fans of the NFL and the Cowboys.”

    To view Plaintiff’s Current Class Action Complaint click here.
    Information Current As Of February 11, 2011

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Quote Originally Posted by NKySteeler View Post
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    ... Can you set any sort of specifications, or are you at the result of the collective suit?....
    Nky I don't really know at this point I've written above my situation was a bit different than some folks who were displaced.

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Quote Originally Posted by steel0710 View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Nky I don't really know at this point I've written above my situation was a bit different than some folks who were displaced.
    for those who are interested -- did talk to the lead lawyer today and basically
    for those affected by the SB ticket issues. they can request information to sign to become a part of the class action lawsuit if so desired. If you did attend the Superbowl and had a tix refunded message when ticket was scanned or you did have trouble getting into the stadium.
    matt rush had started a fan forum at this site :
    please respect the rights of those fans who did not get into the game or ran into worse problems than I did.

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    pain and suffering...did not provide the experience you paid for...they should compensate you someway...probably too late to tell them that you didn't get to see the game live...guess they will have to consider different levels of compensation per case.

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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Wow, a perfect example of what not to do when hosting a Super Bowl. I would expect nothing but the best from Jerry Jones and the NFL, but then again it is JJ and Goo******. I am glad it finally worked out well for you, it's just the emotional hell you had to go through in the mean time. I hope you get some compensation.
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    Default Re: my super bowl experience

    Well folks this is interesting. This story was the top hit on google for a year 'my super bowl experience' with and without space -- and still was as of last week -- but now its not -- hmmm..

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