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Thread: Here we go again

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    Default Here we go again

    According to, a waitress has accused Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth of sexual assault. The alleged incident took place over the weekend at the W Hotel in Washington.

    Police are investigating the complaint made by the waitress.

    The U.S. Attorney's Office is expected to review the evidence in the case to see what, if any, charges may be brought against Haynesworth, the television station reported.

    Haynesworth's agent, Chad Speck, provided the following statement to the television station.

    "There seems to be no truth to these allegations," Speck said Monday. "And we are currently evaluating the facts and considering our own legal actions against those involved."

    D.C. police spokeswoman Officer Tisha Gant said an investigation is under way over something that happened at the hotel, but she would not say for what alleged offense or confirm whether Haynesworth is a suspect. No charges have filed.

    Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie issued a statement that has become customary: "We're gathering all the facts and until then we have no comment."

    Negative reports on Haynesworth's behavior have become so common that even teammate Phillip Daniels tweeted the latest news and added: "Man does it ever end."

    Looking for more dirt on the Redskins? Get the inside slant, stats, scores, schedules and more scoops right here.

    On Jan. 4, Haynesworth was ticketed for going 64 mph in a 45 mph zone in Fairfax County, Va. Earlier this month, in the same county, he was accused of road rage by a man who claimed he was tailgated and then assaulted by Haynesworth.

    On Saturday, some 24 hours before the hotel complaint, Haynesworth appeared at a police station and was formally charged with misdemeanor assault in the road rage investigation. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 31 on that charge.

    Speck said Haynesworth is innocent and that the accuser in that case is seeking fame and money.

    Haynesworth's troubles come both on and off the field, from his disputes over playing time and conditioning with coach Mike Shanahan to his mounting legal issues. At one point last summer he was juggling as many four court-related matters, including lawsuits from a bank, an exotic dancer, a man injured in an automobile accident, and complaints from his ex-wife that he wasn't paying her health insurance or their children's bills.
    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, but WTF. Someone needs to come down hard on these people trying to scam the system (if that's what really happened) so this stuff stops.


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    Default Re: Here we go again

    Haynesworth Accused Of Caressing Breast Of Waitress

    Posted by GarryCobb
    Monday, February 14th, 2011

    I could see this sexual assault case being very difficult to prove in a court of law. The biggest thing Albert Haynesworth will have going against him in this case is his reputation.

    The police of report of a Washington D.C. waitress who has accused the Washington Redskins’s defensive tackle of caressing her breast was obtained by NBC Washington television.

    The waitress worked at a restaurant in the W Hotel and claims Haynesworth was sitting at a table which she was clearing of dishes. According to the police report, the waitress says Haynesworth wanted to pay his bill with his credit card but her hands were full with dishes.

    She says the defensive tackle asked her if it would be alright with her if he put the card in the pocket of her blouse. The waitress says he did but started to caress her breast at the same time.

    That will be where the case is decided. How long was his hand on her breast? Was it there for a second? Was it there for two seconds? Three seconds? If he put the card in her pocket with his big hands, chances are he would touch her breast whether he wanted to or not.

    How tight were her blouse? How big are her breasts?

    Haynesworth knows how to stay in trouble.

    According to the waitress the entire incident happened at about 1:30am on Sunday morning. The police report was filed about four hours later at 5:15a.m.
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