The Eagles Are Second To Patriots In Controlling 2011 NFL Draft

Posted by Garry
February 15th, 2011

There’s not doubt about the fact that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have dominating control over the upcoming NFL draft. They’re in position to make some monster moves if they want to do so. Take a quick look at New England’s picks: Two first rounders, 17th and 28th picks, two second rounders, 1st and 28th picks, and two third rounders, 10th and 28th picks.

The next team with the best situation is the Philadelphia Eagles who have a first round pick number 23 and quite few teams who are willing to part with a number one pick in order to obtain the Birds backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. Kolb is like the Queen in a chess match. He can be used by the Birds to make them very powerful, but the Eagles must play this situation correctly.

We’ve got to give Andy Reid and Howie Roseman credit for being in this situation. They obviously know that in the world of NFL chess play, you can’t have too many good quarterbacks. The rule is simple, good quarterbacks always go up in value.

Patience is the name of the game. They’ve got to take their time and get as much as possible from the team which is willing to give up the most. Once Reid and the gang feel they have the right deal they must move. They can’t get caught waiting too long or they could get caught holding on to Kolb for another year. Just like real estate or stock, you’ve got sell when it’s at its highest point.

I would like to see them get a pick in the teens and a second or third round pick. With those picks they need to get a cornerback, defensive end or linebacker as well as an offensive lineman. You win Super Bowls in the fourth quarterback, but you also win them on the first day of the draft.

You and I know that we can’t live through another Sunday much less a year of Dimitri Patterson on the corner. The jury is still out on rookie defensive end Brandon Graham and last year’s 3rd round pick Daniel Te’o Nesheim is going to need to reinvent himself to ever be an NFL player. He looked like a high school kid who got lost on the way to practice last year.

We also need help on the offensive line. Right guard and right tackle will likely be where they focus on improving. I think Michael Vick is tired of hearing, “Look out”.

It’s an amazing situation which the Patriots have manipulated themselves into. At the same time, they might have cost themselves a World Championship, but that’s another subject. They could add speed at the wide receiver position along with bringing in one or two dominating pass rushers. I don’t know if they’ll have a better record but they will be a much more talented team in 2011.