Costs for 2016 *(September 2015-2016) : $516.00 | Donated : $0.00 | Total : $0.00

Thank you for your kind and generous donation to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum. Your donation will be used to support our VPS Hosting Service, Domain Registration, vBulletin Forum software and licensing fees and any other cost overruns that the Pittsburgh Sports Forum endures due to increased traffic and community growth! All donations are used for those purposes and those purposes ONLY!!

Below are the specifics of what your donation will go towards :

Web Hosting Service

* $42.50 per month/ $510.00 per year

Our current plan is through Knownhost. We are using the VPS3 Package with cPanel. cPanel is an additional $5 per month. We received a 15% off for life discount which shaved $7.50 from the total. Click HERE to see the specs.


* $6.00 per year.

We currently use for our Domain needs. You can click HERE to view their pricing.

Message Board/Forum Software

* $180.00 One Time cost of software / $180.00 Additional Licensing Fee.

We currently use vBulletin Message Board/Forum software at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum. The original One-Time cost of the forum software when we purchased it in October of 2009 was $180.00 for the vBulletin 3 series. vBulletin and the Pittsburgh Sports Forum have both upgraded to the more recently released 4 series which required purchasing a licensing fee of $180.00 (discounted for us, originally $195.00). This license which is good for the entire vBulletin 4 series covers technical help , updates, upgrades, add-on's and more. You can click HERE to see the pricing and specs.

If you would like to make a donation payment via Personal Check, please contact - and we will make the proper arrangements. For PayPal/Credit/Debit methods please click on the Donate button below.