My Pirates vs Reds Preview

by Gretch326 | Sep 27, 2013 - 3:18 PM
What is at stake this weekend for the Reds/Pirates last matchup of the season? The Pirates are 3 games back from the Cardinals. The Reds are one game back from the Pirates. The Pirates have a sliver of hope to claim the NL Central title, however; the Cubs would have to sweep the Cardinals and the Pirates would have to sweep the Reds. The Reds cannot win the NL Central.

Here are the two scenarios, given the Cardinals win the NL. If the Pirates win two out of three games this weekend, the WC game will be held in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. If Reds win two games this weekend, the WC game will be held in Cincinnati on Tuesday.

Here’s how the games will stack up in Cincinnati:
Friday 7:10pm, Burnett (9-11, 3.39 ERA) vs. Bailey (11-11, 3.40 ERA)
Saturday 1:05pm, Morton (7-4, 3.14 ERA) vs. Arroyo (14-11, 3.60 ERA)
Sunday 1:10pm Cole (10-7, 3.22 ERA) vs. Cueto (5-2, 2.82 ERA)

Pirates Pitching
AJ Burnett has pitched 3 games against the Reds this year, going 1-2, with 28 STFDs, 8 BBS, and let up 2 HRs. Charlie Morton pitched one game against the Reds, which he won. He had 2Ks, 0 BBs, and ) HRs. Gerrit Cole has NOT pitched against the Reds this season at all. In Cole’s last five starts, he’s 4-1 with a 3.40 ERA, 38 Ks, 10 BBs, and 0 HRs.

Reds Pitching

Homer Bailey has pitched three games against the Pirates this year, one no decision and two losses. He has 23 Ks, 5 BBs, and 3 HRs in those games. Bronson Arroyo has one no decision and one win, 6Ks, 5 BBs, and 2 HRs. Johnny Cueto has one win and one no decision, with 9Ks, 2BBs, and 0 HRs.

Pittsburgh Pirates
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A.J. Burnett

by battlingbucs | Sep 27, 2013 - 2:38 PM
Us fans certainly don't want to admit it but there is a better than zero chance that tonight will be the last time AJ Burnett ever plays in a game for the Pirates or perhaps in a baseball game altogether. Burnett has made it no secret that he is considering retirement and he isn't due to pitch the rest of this regular season or in the wildcard game. Indeed it would be a shame to see him go out now but it is a reality we at least have to consider.

If this does end up being it for Burnett be it in Pittsburgh or with baseball altogether I wish him well. His impact on this ball club, this franchise and specifically this pitching staff has been more than I ever could have dreamed the day we acquired him. He has been a rock and a true leader on this team. Though he has only been on this team 2 years he already feels like part an ingrained part of Pittsburgh's baseball culture.

Certainly let's hope this isn't it for him but if it happens to be, Pirates let's send the man out on top. Let's give him lots of runs and play flawless D and see what kind of outing he can give us. Just in case this it he and the city of Pittsburgh deserves this game to be memorable for all the right reasons.
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The Age Gap

by battlingbucs | Sep 24, 2013 - 2:24 PM
Lots has been made of the Steelers struggles so fat this season and I am certainly not the man to solve them as my talents assembling a football team are non-existent. It also doesn't help that most of the knowledge I do have about team construction in the world of sports is based in baseball and that is course not all that applicable to football. Still I can spot a problem when I see it.

Generally speaking football players tend to decline when they reach their 30s. There are of course exceptions to this and everyone declines differently but as a general rule of thumb once a player reaches 30 he is on the down side of his career. Conversely speaking a lot of young players take some time to truly adjust to the level of competition. Again there are exceptions of course but with the typical player coming in at age 21 or 22 it seems like a fair statement that how good that player truly is won't materialize until about 3 years into the league. So generally speaking what you are left with is a peak age for a football player of approximately 25-29 years old.

The Steelers have a solid collection of players in their 30 highlighted by Polamalu, Taylor, Clark, Keisel, Suisham, Roethlisberger and Miller. They also have an exciting collection of young talent. However what they are lacking is a big impact group in the 25-29 age range. There are currently 69 players on the Steelers roster counting the practice squad, IR, PUP and active roster lists. Of these 25 fall between 25 and 29 years of age. The group as a whole has far too many role players and not enough impact talent.

Defensive Backs: Curtis Brown, DaMon Cromartie-Smith, William Gay
Defensive Line: Al Woods, Ziggy Hood, Steve McLendon, Hebron Fangupo
Linebackers: Jason Worilds, Kion Wilson, LaMarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons
Specialists: Zoltan Mesko
Offensive Line: Marcus Gilbert, Ramon Foster, Fernando Velasco, Cody Wallace
Running Backs: Felix Jones, LaRod Stephens-Howling, Isaac Redman
Tight Ends: Michael Palmer, David Johnson, Matt Spaeth
Wide Receivers: Derek Moye, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown

Approximately speaking that group should represent the majority of the Steelers core. Of course that really isn't the case. Amongst the defensive backs the Steelers have two bottom of the roster types in Brown and Cromartie-Smith and Gay who while he is often... [Read More]
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The One With Neal Huntington (the GM)

by cocktailsfor2 | Sep 20, 2013 - 3:07 PM
Hello, boys and girls!

Another brand-new episode for your hot little ears to swallow! Again we have the Pirates' GM Neal Huntington giving us ALL KINDS of information - pitching, hitting, fielding, and fanship... yes, fanship! NH gives some advice on how to loosen your sphincter and enjoy...

So, enjoy!
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The '13-'14 Steelers Season Starts & Ends In the Trenches

by BnGBlitz | Sep 03, 2013 - 12:07 PM
A lot has been said regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers upcoming regular season. Everything from high expectations to lowly predictions. As of right now, speculation is all we have as we await Week 1 in the regular season. I know one thing is for sure, all this discussion will change dramatically when the Steelers step onto Heinz Field on September 8th to face the Tennessee Titans at 1:00pm. You can talk about the strengths and weaknesses of this Steelers team until you are blue in the face, but in my opinion, the success of this team will come down to the "trenches"...yeah that's right, the big boys. The offensive and defensive lines. Let me elaborate.

One of the biggest debates amongst SteelerNation, talk radio, and casual fans is the Steelers' RB situation. Call me crazy, but you could throw Adrian Peterson in the Steelers backfield and if the offensive line doesn't open up holes he will hardly rush for 1,000 yards. Think of the best QB in the league...some would say Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew doesn't matter who it is. If the offensive line doesn't buy that QB time it won't matter a lick how good they are because they will be playing the game primarily from their backside. The Steelers offensive line is THE STORYLINE for the upcoming season, if you ask me. The offensive line is filled with potential (as I wrote in a previous article, potential is only good on paper), but is also very "Green" in terms of their experience. For the most part, people are speaking of the Steelers OLine only in terms of "doom and gloom", but what if this line stays healthy and starts to gel? One thing no one can deny from this preseason when the starting line was in the game is that they can open up running lanes. When Jonathan Dwyer, Larod Stephens Howling, and Felix Jones to average 3.6 yards or better in only a half...that isn't bad. Don't forget Larod Stephens Howling averaged over 4 yards per rush against the NY Giants in the first preseason game. No, the running game should be just fine if you ask me.

Pass protection, well, thats a different story. Look no further than the starting tackles and you'll see why its a different story. Gilbert and Adams are players that like to play downhill and fast...not so much backing up and protecting. I think its safe to say after the Chiefs game that the Steelers will be deploying a TE or Kelvin Beachum as a TE to help with pass protection...but... [Read More]
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