Blogging/Writing at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum

In a Podcast interview via the Rumbunter Podcast in the Fall of 2011, The Pittsburgh Trib's Dejan Kovacevic brought up a great topic about there not being a Blog Headquarter for Independent sports Blogs in Pittsburgh.

Well, look no further!!!

Since the Pittsburgh Sports Forum opened it's doors in October 2009 (as the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern), the owners have often thought that Pittsburgh needed a portal for all of the content on the internet pertaining to Pittsburgh Sports. A single destination where you can find out all of your news from all of the various media and blog outlets on the internet. In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on using Mobile devices and hand held computers like the iPad, content can get lost on. It's far easier to browse on a PC than it is using Mobile devices. Good content is getting lost because access to it isn't as simple as it once was. The Pittsburgh Sports Forum has striven to be a place where all of the different content is shared and discussed so that all of the various opinions on the Internet by the media and Bloggers could be read.

Now we would like to evolve to the next level by inviting Individuals and Existing Bloggers to be part of the Pittsburgh Sports Forum. An invitation to be a part of what was a Portal but could become an actual Headquarters for Pittsburgh Bloggers and interested Writers to create and share their quality Original content.

Why is the Pittsburgh Sports Forum interested in Existing Bloggers, Writers, and soon-to-be Bloggers??

People have strong thoughts and well thought-out opinions. Not only do we want those people to share those thoughts and opinions with the Pittsburgh Sports Forumcommunity but most importantly, we don't want to see those strong thoughts and well thought-out opinions get lost on the Internet. It's difficult to compete with a few of the more popular Sites/Blogs, but if someone could come to one site to get a variety of Blogs/Articles then half of the battle is won. We want your content to be read, we want it to be commented on and we would like to create a single community that houses that content.

We also will be helping you "The Blog Writer" by providing a variety of features and services that you will be reading about later to help get your Original content out there to more people and for more discussion.

Is there anything specific that the Pittsburgh Sports forum is looking for?

None. Subject topics and content can vary. We aren't looking for Blog Writers that specialize in any specific sports or topics and wouldn't want anyone to feel obligated to stick to a specific format or team. We are simply looking for people that want to share their Original thoughts and opinions about Pittsburgh sports. Nothing more and nothing less. You could concentrate on "Blog Writing" about Kris Letang's hair for all we care. An advantage at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum is that there are a lot of Bloggers/Writers who concentrate mainly on a specific Pittsburgh sports team. Because this is a site that caters to all of the Pittsburgh sports teams, you could simply veer off and Blog/Write about another Pittsburgh sports team, especially if the team you Blog/Write specifically for is in their Offseason and down time. You don't have to feel strange anymore for hosting a site specific to one team that decided to Blog/Write about nothing.

Are there Any Guidelines?

Just 1. Don't be negative with most of your content. It's not much to ask for. The bonus to being part of the Pittsburgh Sports forum is that you can ease the pressure that mounts on your shoulders of needing to update your Blog regularly enough to where it doesn't look like a ghost town. With various other Blog Writers in this community, this Blogger Headquarter, content is going to get created by someone which allows you and everyone else to concentrate more on quality than quantity.

What are those and services and benefits that were mentioned earlier?

The Pittsburgh Sports Forum is attempting to be more than a Message Forum or a Blog, we are trying to become a Community. A community for Pittsburgh Sports Blog Writers and fans to join together. We are a community that has anywhere from 30-50 different members that logged on to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum during the day. There are usually anywhere from 5-30 members logged in at one time together along with "guests" who are viewing the Pittsburgh Sports Forum. the "guests" numbers easily get into the hundreds through the day.

Through our advanced Forum software we have a built-in Social Network here where members can interact publicly on the Message Board or privately through Visitor Messaging and Private Messaging. The Pittsburgh Sports Forum is always evolving, updating and upgrading to be on the cutting edge. You will be writing not just for the vast public that would be attracted to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum via Search Engines, Word of Mouth, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ but for an entirely built-in Message Forum community at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum.

Featured Benefits:

One of the most difficult things about running a personal Blog is all of the work that goes into promoting and updating it. One tends to shoulder this responsibility that they need to be pushing out content daily just to keep up with other Blogs. Just to deliver new content to your followers who are are anticipating something new. Some people can do this, some people can't. We want to alleviate those shouldered responsibilities. By joining forces with the Pittsburgh Sports Forum, you're choosing to be with a team that already has a built-in following and a network that reaches out to a thousands! Instant connection to an already established Twitter network of more than 1,000 followers. Instant connection to an already established Facebook Account of over 2,500 friends and growing. You also get access to someone like Kipper here at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum who is constantly promoting, updating, upgrading and doing those tedious behind-the-curtain things that one usually lacks an adequate amount of time to do. The very things that a blogger on a "free" Blog network doesn't do are being done for you here. These are all things freely available to you for you to take advantage of.

Basically, you do the fun stuff which is Blog Writing your Original content and discussing it and the Pittsburgh Sports Forum does all of the tedious "un-fun" things like Extra Promotion, Supplying an Audience, Upgrading, Updating and more...

Hands Free Twitter Promotion. The Pittsburgh Sports Forum is unique in that all "Articles" submitted by a Blog Writer are automatically tweeted to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum's Twitter Page where that "Article" will reach all of the followers of the Pittsburgh Sports Forum. There's also the ability to Tweet your "Article" with 1 click to your own personal Twitter account (if you have one). The ultimate goal is to get your content out to as many people as possible and get readers and Discussion on that content.

Automatic Message Board/Forum connectivity. With the Pittsburgh Sports Forum having 50-80 members signed in daily and all of the various Guests viewing the Pittsburgh Sports Forum, one would assume that the Home Page where a writers "Articles" would appear would get forgotten. Some people might have the Message Board/Forum bookmarked and forget that the Home Page even exists! That is not the case. The Pittsburgh Sports Forum is customized to have "Articles" automatically submitted to the Home Page and also within the Message Board. You will be enjoying all of the benefits of the Message Board traffic along with the benefits from being on the Home Page at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum. We are the only Pittsburgh sports based website that currently automatically links a Blog and Message Board/Forum together without the Blogger/Writer having to do anything. What is usually a separate "comments section" on a blog is a more intuitive and user friendly Message Forum here at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum.

Facebook connectivity. The Pittsburgh Sports Forum has a Facebook Page that has over 2,500 Friends and is growing. Like Twitter, all "Articles" that are submitted by a Blog Writer are automatically sent to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum Facebook Wall where they reach that audience in the thousands. Like Twitter you also have the ability to for One-touch submission of an "Article" to your own personal Facebook Account (if you have one). On top of that, Kipper will usually take that content and post it in the various Groups that the Pittsburgh Sports Forum belongs to with regards to making sure the content itself matches up with the team that the Group was created for. Once more, the goal is to get your content out to as many people as possible. We want your Blogs to be read, to be seen and ultimately discussed. The Pittsburgh Sports Forum has the tools to perform this task on top of whatever type of other self promotion you would like to perform as well.

Here at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum, you don't have to be another random user name. If you were part of a Blog or ran a Blog and choose to join the Pittsburgh Sports Forum, we want you to have the choice of being able to maintain the identity that you had created, if you want. Here is how we would achieve this.
1. Instead of using an "Article" prefix that shows up next to the Title of Each content submission at the Pittsburgh Sports Forum, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ we can have it configured where it will be YOUR name to your old BLOG site, as long as the characters don't exceed that allowed amount. This will allow your content to be delivered to the public under the identity that you had already built.

2. If you were considering starting a Blog and chose to join the Pittsburgh Sports Forum we will take into consideration/grant your request for a personal "Pre-Fix" name that you could use that you were considering naming your personal Blog. We want people to be able to maintain their identity and also create one.

3. You don't have to have a special "Pre-Fix" next to your name, you could simply just use the "Article" Pre-Fix that is available to all Blog Writers only..

4. Unfortunately we would be unable to port all of your existing content to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum. As much as we would love to, transferring across different platforms and software would pose a difficult task. What we can do is take custom made pages, specific pages of information and bring them over to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum by virtue of Copying and Pasting. If you sold apparel through eBay, had a page filled with favorite photoshops, specific content like players profiles or anything related to a Pittsburgh sports team.. we will find a way to move it to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum. We can created Links in the Menu Bar, we can create links in the Side Menu. We certainly have options to make your content present. After all, it was your hard work and time that was put into these creations. While it's impossible to quickly and easily transfer everything to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum, we can certainly transfer as much as possible. The most important stuff. Me Casa Su Casa.

5. Blog/Write on the road. That is right. You don't need a PC or an iPad or a laptop. Through our App with Tapatalk, you have access to the Pittsburgh Sports Forum to create your Original content. While it is true that you wouldn't have full editor capabilities for adding things like photos to wrap the text around or adding Tables, you do have the fundamental abilities to create Original content using your mobile device. What's nice about this is that you don't have to wait until you have access to a PC/Laptop/Pad in order to write. You have the ability from wherever you are as long as there is a mobile device in your hand.

6. We have the ability to host Podcasts right here at the Pittsburgh Spots Forum without the use of 3rd Party sites. Our Forum software, vBulletin has the ability format Podcasts for regular download use through iTunes. We have plenty of Hard Drive Space with 75 GB total and less than 20% of it being used.

Come and help us build a Blogging Headquarters for Pittsburgh Sports. We want you to be seen and read and we know that you want to be seen and read. Let's help each other make this as easy as we possibly can to obtain this common goal!

If you are interested in joining the Pittsburgh Sports Forum, please contact Kipper by Private or Visitor's Message in the Pittsburgh Sports Forum or you may also E-mail Kipper at -